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  • Amendment (Signs on Thoroughfares) Local Law 2020

    The Town proposed to make the Amendment (Signs on Thoroughfares) Local Law 2020. This local law is made under the Local Government Act 1995 and amends the Activities on Throughfares and Trading on Thoroughfares and in Public Places Local Law 2000.

  • Climate Emergency Plan

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    The Town of Victoria Park has recognised the climate emergency that is facing our planet. In order to deliver immediate and urgent action and meet a net negative emissions target, the Town is preparing a Climate Emergency Plan (CEP).

  • Kent Street Sand Pit Concept Plan

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    In response to a community petition received requesting the revegetation of the Kent Street Sand Pit as part of the Jirdarup Bushland Precinct, Council endorsed the preparation of a report to rehabilitate and revegetate the Kent Street Sand Pit.

  • Integrated Movement Network Strategy update

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    The Town of Victoria Park is updating its Integrated Movement Network Strategy and Parking Management Plan to guide the way we upgrade and manage our streets, spaces and transport systems. These documents will determine what the Town's transport network in the future will and help us respond to the transport challenges we face as a growing inner-city community.

  • Old Spaces, New Places - ROW52 Laneway Upgrade

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    Old Spaces, New Places (OSNP) is a program targeting locations within the Town that can be renewed and upgraded for greater community use and benefit. This was the first project to be progressed as part of the OSNP program and is located along the east end of Albany Highway.

    Project #1 ROW52 presented an opportunity to create a multi-use, pedestrian-orientated urban place right in the heart of East Vic Park.

    ROW52 is the laneway located between Ten Ten Kitchen, East Victoria Park IGA and TAO Restaurant and is one of the Town’s most identifiable public spaces.

    In 2019 the laneway was transformed from a deteriorated vehicle-centric laneway into a simple, modern space to cater for events and everyday use, with a focus on safety, flexibility and social interaction.

  • Amendment No. 86 to Town Planning Scheme No. 1

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    The Town is the owner of the land at No's. 4-6 (Lots 5 and 6) Temple Street, Victoria Park (‘subject site’).

    Council at its meeting on 21 July 2020 resolved to initiate Amendment No. 86 to Town Planning Scheme No. 1 for the purpose of:

    Rezoning No. 4-6 (Lots 5 and 6) Temple Street, Victoria Park from ‘Public Purpose – Civic Use’ Reserve to ‘Residential R60’.

  • Public Lockers - Have your say

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    The Town is investigating the provision of public lockers or alternative storage spaces in the Town. Accessible, free to use and secure lockers or storage services provide rough sleepers with an option to safely store their belongings.

  • Name your park

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    The history and culture of our region's 'First Nations' are being recognised in the naming of our newest park in Lathlain/Carlisle (more commonly known as Lathlain 2X Community Park, Tom Wright Park and the old Carlisle Bowling Club site).

  • Review of the Health Local Law 2003

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    The Town is now undertaking a review of the Health Local Law 2003. The first step in this review is to look at the Town local laws on animals. These laws currently cover dogs, cats, large animals, rodents and the keeping of bees.

  • Vehicle Management Local Law 2020

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    In February 2020 the Town sought public comment on the review of the Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law 2008. As a result of this review, the Council has proposed to replace this law with the Vehicle Management Local Law 2020.

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