Community Workshops

by Kellie T, about 4 years ago

As part of the management planning process for Lathlain Park, we’re inviting the community to get involved in a series of workshops that will help define how the park is developed and managed into the future - particularly the Community Activity (zone 2).

It is best if you can attend all workshops as they have been put together as a series of workshops, with each having their own focus. However, you can still register to attend one or two of them if this is the only option. Workshop summaries will be available after each workshop to provide background.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Workshops dates

Workshop One: 14 August, 10am - 2pm - Lathlain Park Function Centre

Workshop Two: 28 August, 10am - 2pm - Lathlain Park Function Centre

Workshop Three: 25 September, 10am - 2pm - Town of Victoria Park Administration Building, 99 Shepperton Road, Victoria Park.

1.Welcome and Introductions
2.Agenda, workshop rules and housekeeping
3.Update on progress of Management Plan
4.Update on the Community Reference Group
5.What did we hear at Workshop Two?
6.Overview of issues/questions we need to clarify
7.Draft design principles in the Management Plan
8.Presentation of a draft concept plan(s) for Zone 2, the former bowling club/Tom Wright Park
9.Feedback on concept plan(s)
10.Can we make our budget work?
11.Tells us your preferred plan to progress
12.Next steps

A lite version of workshop three is also being offered on Wednesday, 28 September - 6pm to 8pm - Town of Victoria Park Administration Building, 99 Shepperton Road, Victoria Park.

Register to attend a workshop by completing the registration form here.

Workshop Summaries

Workshop summaries will be available to the community after each of the workshops.

Workshop One

Workshop Two

Consultation has concluded

Paltridgeave almost 4 years ago
Has the date of the next community workshop been promoted enough? I'm still seeing some sections with no date. It is my understanding it is the Sunday of this long weekend?
Scruffer almost 4 years ago
Why no obvious comments page or yourthoughts link on the LPRP site for Zone 5 Rayment Park?
Lathlain Precinct Project Team almost 4 years ago
This page is being monitored however, in order to streamline responses on this topic, please direct any further questions through email to the relevant Project Manager. Contact details for Project Managers of each Zone can be found on The question and answer tool has also been enabled on each of the zones' dedicated pages here on Your Thoughts.
Brett.DiLello almost 4 years ago
Does the town read and reply to these posts?
Brett.DiLello almost 4 years ago
Can the town please immediately remove page 21 of the workshop report and explain how it allowed the public publishing of the names, addresses, mobile numbers & email addresses of people who signed attendance to the Workshop?

You wont release any of the heritage architect documents for Lathlain Park to your ratepayers, residents and the community, yet you'll happily broadcast their personal information to the world. A lot to answer for.
Lathlain Precinct Project Team almost 4 years ago
In reference to Rayment Park, the final draft design is complete and was presented to Council last week.
After approval, works will commence.
This is a multi-stage project, with sections requiring public tender.
It is anticipated that the majority of the works should be completed by June next year.
If you have further queries about this Zone of the project you are welcome to contact the Project Manager listed on the dedicated project website
methanol almost 4 years ago
Which month is the redevelopment of Rayment Park expected to commence construction and what is the expected duration of the redevelopment?
methanol almost 4 years ago
The Town of Victoria Park could advise the planned expenditure for each zone for the each financial year, so the period of redevelopment and expected expenditure is known.
Lathlain Precinct Project Team almost 4 years ago
Thanks for the comments below.

The software didn’t allow the tabs to be changed to ‘register’ or similar so unfortunately we had to go with ‘survey’. Apologies to anyone who found this confusing.

The Community Reference Group members have now been selected. The Group will have their first meeting on Monday, 15 August.

The makeup of the Group is as per the Terms of Reference located on this page. One of the factors influencing selection was where applicants lived (see Terms of Reference) to achieve a cross-section of the key stakeholders – this is why location was requested.

If anyone is having trouble registering for the community workshops please email

Lathlain Precinct Project Team
Brett.DiLello about 4 years ago
So all are clear, these are NOT 'surveys' we are filling out.

They are registration forms, nothing more.

What surprises me is that I am a resident ratepayer and never received a letter at all.
Maximum about 4 years ago
I registered for the Lathlain Park Management Plan team a few weeks ago and I have also been waiting. It seems that the Council is messing us about in order to see people become disinterested. Also why do we have to state which area of the town we are from... We all live in T.O.V.P, or is this so the odds can be stacked to obtain an outcome that best suits the council?
mikelanternier about 4 years ago
Hey guys Anita Treasure here - still have not had a response! I have logged on and tried to lodge a comment in "my thoughts" but there was no option for that on your page. Tried also (several times) to register for your community workshops but again to no avail. Feeling let out now :(