Juggle the numbers

How do I use the tool?

Click on the VicVision Balancing Act below. You can see where the money is spent, move money around or raise more income by increasing rates revenue, fees and charges revenue or take on new loan borrowings. If you adjust one item of spending, you have to take it away from another. You can also make comments on changes as you go.

There are complex decisions to make. It is not something you will probably do quickly, so please allow time so you can fully understand the decisions. You will notice some items are locked, this is because Council has some revenue and spending lines that are not easily changed, for instance grants received from State and Federal Government or finance costs associated with loan repayments. 

When moving the money around think about:

  • What services or projects are needed now or in the future?
  • What is financially responsible?
  • Will adjusting rates affordability affect the services already provided or projects underway?
  • Will changing the money to this item mean a lower or better service to the community?
  • Who benefits from changes and who should pay?
  • If l spend more, will increasing rates or borrowing be something the community would approve?

The key rule is that you can submit your entry with a SURPLUS but not a DEFICIT. 

When using the tool, an increase (surplus) or decrease (deficit) of approximately $470,000 within this exercise, would equate to either a 1% rate increase or decrease for ratepayers.

There are key information and help bubbles that will assist you on along the way.

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