Is the Town removing a suburb?

    No, the Town is not removing any suburbs. We wanted to reach as many people as possible and took over the Town's Vibe magazine which included a front cover message that we were losing a suburb to become a city. This tactic was used to get your attention. 

About the project

    Why is the Strategic Community Plan important?

    The Strategic Community Plan (SCP) is the most important document a local government possesses as it outlines the visions, objectives and priorities of the community. All services provided by the Town are linked to the SCP to ensure efforts are aligned to what the community wants.

    What is VicVision

    ‘VicVision’ is the public participation project with an aim to understand the community’s future needs and aspiration, and to deliver a Strategic Community Plan that is functional, measurable and genuinely informed by the community.

    Why are we reviewing it?

    It's important to keep the Strategic Community Plan up-to-date to ensure that the work we do continues to be in line with the visions and priorities of the community. Every local government must have a Strategic Community Plan in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995 (s. 5.56) and the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996 (19C).

    How can i find out more information on VicVision

    For more information, please contact the project team by emailing, or by calling 9311 8111.

Community engagement

    How can I get involved?

    We have developed a community engagement program that takes into account that our community has different levels of capacity, both in time and interest, simply choose a VicVision adventure that best suits you.

    • Attend a listening post at one of nine location, 1 February-21 March
    • Share your ideas online or by SMS, 1 February-18 April
    • Run your own workshop with our workshop in a box option, 1 March-18 April
    • Join a workshop series online or in person, 1 March-18 April
    • Complete our survey online, in person or over the phone, 1 March-18 April
    • Online budgeting tool, 1 March-18 April
    • Public submission on the draft - Date to be confirmed

    How will my feedback be used?

    Feedback received during community consultation will be used to inform the updates made to the Strategic Community Plan.

    Will any personal information I give be shared?

    Any personal information given will not be shared with other people or organisations, however the email address you provide when completing the online form may be used to contact you about the SCP review project.

    How will elected members be involved in the process?

    The Towns Councillors have opted to run a workshop in a box self-facilitated workshop and will be invited to attend the closing deliberation day to listen to the community's views

    English is my second language. Can I request a translator?

    Yes, a translator is available upon request.

    Is registration required to participate?

    Registrations are essential for all workshop options - in person, Zoom and workshop in a box. Surveys and the online budgeting tool can be completed at anytime during the engagement period.

    How can young people and children be involved in the process?

    Children and young people are our future. They are experts in their own lives and can offer vision, insights and opportunities from different perspectives. From previous experience, we’ve identified the need for help to engage children and young people.  

    We’d love to hear from students on what they think makes the Town unique, what they think we should prioritise in the future, or even what they would do if they were Mayor for a minute. Students can share this information by submitting drawings, stories, paintings, VOX pops, or a classroom report. Secondary school and university students are invited to hold their own workshop or complete a survey (or all of the above). If you and your school/class would like to get involved please let us know by Sunday 22 February

COVID-19 and WA Government restrictions

    Will the Town proceed with engagement if the WA Government enforces COVID-19 restrictions?

    The health and safety of our employees and community is our primary concern. 

    We have developed an engagement program that enables us to move all in person interactions to an online environment. This change to the program will be dependent on instructions from the Government of WA - Department of Health and recommendations from the VicVision project board. 

    These are challenging and uncertain times, but we feel confident that as a community, we can get through this together.

    Will listening posts be cancelled?

    instructions from the Government of WA - Department of Health will be followed. This may result in the cancellation of some or all of the listening post locations. 

    We will update the information on the page daily.

    What guidelines and rules has the Town put in place at Town run workshops?

    The Town has developed meeting and workshop guidelines which includes the following:

    • Do not attend if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19.
    • Be understanding, supportive and caring of all attendees at the meeting/workshop
    • Maintain physical distancing and personal hygiene as per current State government regulations, including 2sqm per person and 1.5m distancing where possible.
    • Follow all instructions of Town staff during your meeting/workshop
    • Meeting area will have been cleaned before your entry
    • Enter and exit the facility through the entry point designated by staff. Upon entering a Town facility, please clean your hands with soap and water and sanitise frequently thereafter. Sign in via the SAFEWA app or hand written is required. 
    • Avoid bringing personal items wherever possible. We understand you may need to provide your own pens, pencils, paper, laptops or phones however these should remain for your use only. Please consider wiping down personal items before or upon entry into the building.
    • Recommend installing the COVID safe app.
    • Refrain from touching surfaces as much as possible.
    • Provide your own food and water - catering will not be provided. 

    COVID -19 Symptoms

    • Symptoms can start between 2 and 14 days from exposure to the virus
    • Symptoms include shortness of breath; a cough with or without a fever; or other flu like
    • symptoms such as a sore throat
    • Flu like symptoms such as coughing or sore throat.
    • If you are showing symptoms - stay at home until you are fully recovered and speak to your GP whether a COVID-19 test is required.

    More information can be found on the WA Department of Health website here.