What is a Business Case?

    When the Town undertakes a Business Case, they help determine if certain opportunities have merit. A Business Case arrives at a recommendation dependant on the key objectives they are trying to achieve and helps the client understand the parameters to operate in to achieve those objectives.

    It is important to note that at the completion and preparation of a Business Case no project has been created. The next step is then a Project Plan which then involves the community consultation process, if a successful community consultation can work within the parameters determined in the Business Case then the Town can potentially undertake the Project. If the community consultation process Is not successful then the project will most likely not go ahead.

    Is the Town building a hockey stadium at Harold Rossiter Reserve?

    No, the Town is not building a hockey stadium at Harold Rossiter Reserve. A Business Case has been developed to investigate the possibility of relocating the Victoria Park Xavier Hockey Club to Harold Rossiter Reserve as the Club has requested that consideration be given to providing them with one synthetic turf pitch and three natural turf pitches. There has been no decision made to commence a development at Harold Rossiter Reserve, with Council resolving at it July meeting to investigate alternative locations and strategies for the potential relocation of the Club.

    Why was a Business Case developed?

    In 2015 the Town decided to explore the feasibility of providing the VPXHC with one synthetic turf pitch and three natural turf pitches. A feasibility study, which was completed in 2015, identified Harold Rossiter Reserve as a potential location to accommodate the four pitches. On 13 October 2015, Council agreed to arrange for a Business Case to be developed to help decision making.

    Why was the community not consulted before or during the Business Case?

    The community were not consulted during the Business Case as the Business Case was an internal investigation to look at the potential for such an opportunity. The Business Case was commissioned to determine if the Town could even entertain such a proposal.

    Why does the hockey club need a synthetic turf pitch anyway?

    VPXHC is one of Perth's largest hockey clubs with more than 600 members; making it one of the Town’s largest sporting group. From its junior Minkey program through to experienced players, the club caters for players of all ages and abilities.

    Throughout Australia, hockey is now predominantly played on synthetic turf surfaces. The Town has acknowledged that if VPXHC is to remain competitive and sustainable they require a synthetic turf field.

    What is happening next?

    Council made a resolution at its meeting on 11 July 2017 to receive the Business Case and investigate alternative locations and strategies, with a report to be presented back to Council for consideration at the October 2017 Ordinary Council Meeting.

    Council also asked that money be listed for consideration in the draft Long Term Financial Plan. The Long Term Financial Plan is a document that sets out the funding required for all Town projects for the next 15 years. Inclusion of money for a hockey facility in this document is a formality, to ensure that if the project does progress any further, regardless of location – the funds are there to do so. If the project does not progress, the Long Term Financial Plan will be modified to remove those funds.

    At this point in time, the Town is not committing to the project until an appropriate site is found, community consultation undertaken, approvals granted and funding sourced.

    Is the Town looking at all reserves and parks?

    Yes, the Town is currently investigating all reserves, parks and open spaces in the Town to identify if any would be a suitable alternative location.

    What about any other solutions?

    The Town is initially investigating all alternative locations within the Town’s boundaries. Further down the track we will also look at other creative solutions e.g. partnerships with schools, other local governments. We welcome any ideas the community may have and invite you to share your ideas.

    If a facility is developed, will I be able to access it?

    At this stage the Town has not committed to developing a facility, and no work has been done with regards to design. The proposed development is for one synthetic turf pitch, and three regular turf pitches. If a facility is developed, no matter where the location, the area surrounding the synthetic pitch, including the turf pitches will be multipurpose and shared use for the community.

    How can I be involved?

    The next steps are for the Town to explore all possible opportunities for the development of a synthetic turf facility. The community will be invited to be involved in the discussion and the community’s recommendations will be included in the report to Council which will be presented at the October Ordinary Council Meeting. If you would like to be to be notified when the community consultation phase of the project begins complete an expression of interest.