What’s a Precinct Structure Plan?

    A precinct structure plan is a kind of planning document that guides how a place will grow and change into the future. It will set out the future direction of Albany Highway: its buildings and land uses, streets and open spaces, environmental performance, access and transport, and more.

    Why does Albany Highway need a precinct structure plan?

    The State Government requires the Town to prepare a Precinct Structure Plan for Albany Highway, given its significant role as Secondary Activity Centre supporting Perth’s eastern suburbs. Preparing the plan is also an exciting opportunity to make Albany Highway a more equitable and resilient place, building on community action like the Streets Ahead Action Plan as well as the Town’s strategic objectives related to climate change, tree canopy, economic development, arts and culture and population growth.

    Where on Albany Highway will it apply?

    The Albany Highway Precinct Structure Plan will encompass the whole of the highway within the Town of Victoria Park, running from Welshpool Road in St James to the Causeway Bridge in Victoria Park. The core of the precinct is limited to the properties which front onto the Highway, but we are also investigating a ‘frame’ area roughly 200 meters from the core. Additionally, the project will examine connectivity to the Town’s train stations, where future Station precincts are proposed.

    Hasn’t the Town already asked us a dozen times what we want to see on Albany Highway? What are you doing with all the information you have already gathered?

    We have been busy gathering all the past feedback the Town has received on Albany Highway. Our next step is to check with the community to see if what has been said in the past is still relevant. If the community still agrees with the outcomes of previous consultation it will be used to shape the vision for Albany Highway.  

    How will the Precinct Structure Plan and the John Macmillan Master Plan work together?

    The Town has been preparing a master plan for John Macmillan Park which will be directly incorporated into the precinct structure plan. The John Macmillan Master Plan was undertaken as a separate plan as there was a need to provide a more detailed vision for what is a unique and complex space on Albany Highway, given its ownership and existing variety of community functions. The Albany Highway Precinct Structure Plan will act as the statutory tool with which the master plan can be implemented.

    How does this project relate to the Town's new Local Planning Scheme?

    You may have heard that the Town is drafting a new Local Planning Scheme.

    The draft Local Planning Scheme No. 2 has been approved by the WA Planning Commission for advertising, which will commence on Thursday 4 May 2023.

    When the Albany Highway Precinct Structure Plan is drafted and approved by Council (anticipated second half of 2024), the development controls contained in the plan will form the first major amendment to the Town's new Local Planning Scheme No. 2.

    The graphic below explains the relationship and timeline of the two closely related projects.

    Keep an eye out on the Town's channels from Thursday 4 May for full details about Local Planning Scheme No. 2.