Macmillan Precinct

    What is the Macmillan Precinct?

    The Macmillan Precinct is located in East Victoria Park and is bounded by Sussex Street, Kent Street, Gloucester Street and Albany Highyway. The precinct includes all land parcels, buildings and assets within these boundaries and contains key Town facilities such as Leisurelife, the Town library, Vic Park/Carlisle Bowls Club and John Macmillan Park.

    Will the Park Centre be included in the masterplan?

    The Park Centre Shopping Centre will not be included in the Macmillan Precinct Masterplan; however, Hawaiian will be engaged as a key stakeholder to ensure Sussex Street is addressed appropriately in the final design.

    Will you be reducing green space within the precinct?

    The Town will be asking the community to provide their views on the green space and how it can be best utilised.

    What is happening to the Town’s assets in the precinct?

    The Town's assets are rapidly ageing and increasing in maintenance and upgrade costs. The masterplan will shape the future of these assets and how they best service the Town's future population growth.

    Will this change zoning in the area?

    This process is a preliminary community consultation and concept planning exercise and no planning changes will be made as a direct result of this project. Depending on how the masterplan sets out the future use of the land, zoning may need to be updated but this will be subject to further community consultation and Council consideration.

    How does the masterplan influence/guide/inform the Town’s planning documents?

    In order to achieve the vision and outcomes set by the masterplan, the Towns planning framework will need to be changed. It is likely that the change to the planning framework would be in the form of a precinct plan for the broader East Victoria Park area. The preparation of a precinct plan for East Victoria Park is a separate project that will require additional community consultation as it deals with a much larger area.  When considering the area of land covered by the masterplan, the precinct plan will be directly informed by the masterplan.

About the project

    Why are we doing this?

    The Town is going through a period of population growth and change; which means we are facing some important decisions about the future of our assets, facilities and services we offer to the community. Many of the facilities within the Macmillan Precinct are aging and costs are rapidly increasing. In the next five to 10 years these facilities will reach a point where the costs to operate them outweigh the services they provide to the community.

    The Town's population is also growing at a rapid rate and the needs of our facilities and community are changing; including both how they service the community and where they are located. Important Town facilities such as the library, Leisurelife, Vic Park/Carlisle Bowls Club and may more community services all need to be considered in the context of the future Town's population and how they best service community needs.

    To ensure the Town has a plan for all the assets, facilities and services within the Macmillan Precinct the Town is developing a masterplan to guide the future land uses of the site. 

    What is a masterplan?

    A masterplan is a strategic planning document. This proposed masterplan will consider the appropriate long term uses with a significant focus on the future recreational, community, commercial, residential and civic needs within the precinct and guide future capital works decision making within the precinct.

    What is the process to deliver the masterplan?

    The masterplan will be developed over three stages:

    • Vision Development: This stage of the project will establish the site vision, objectives and themes, negotiables/non-negotiables and the framework to realise the precinct potential through broad Town-wide community engagement.
    • Concept Exploration: Using the draft vision charter developed in stage one, three spatial options will be developed through a co-design process called a Place Design Forum.
    • Masterplan: This stage will be the development of the detailed masterplan which will include the connection between buildings, public areas and the surrounding environments. The masterplan will set out the site layout, land uses, built form and the objectives for future detailed design.

    Who is the final decision maker on the masterplan?

    The final decision makers for this project is the Town of Victoria Park Council. Town officers will present a report to an Ordinary Council Meeting seeking a resolution.

    What are the intended outcomes of the masterplan?

    The following benefits would be achieved through the delivery of the masterplan:

    1. A vision for the precinct will be endorsed and used to guide all future decisions within the precinct;
    2. Council will better understand the needs and aspirations of the business and residential community in relation to the future of the precinct;
    3. Council will better understand the current and future positioning of the precinct in relation to the wider region;
    4. Council will better understand the future needs and options available for the existing Town-owned and operated facilities and services in the precinct;
    5. Council will maximise the opportunity for improved layout for the entire precinct through co-ordinated land use planning and traffic management;
    6. Council will better understand the feasibility of undertaking each individual activity but in the context of an overall redevelopment of the precinct;
    7. Council will be in a position to make long term financial planning decisions in relation to the whole precinct and subsequent facilities existing with the precinct;
    8. Council will be better informed regarding future strategic land acquisitions in proximity to the precinct;
    9. Council will better understand how to prepare the future Town Planning Scheme and subsequent activity centre planning framework required for the precinct.

    How is the masterplan being funded?

    The masterplan is being funded through the Town's municipal funds and has an approved budget in the 19/20 Annual Budget.

    How is this different from the Town Centre Project?

    This is a new project which is not connected to the 2015 Town Centre Plan.

    Based on feedback received from the community, the Town has set aside the 2015 plan and decided to ‘start afresh’ by developing a new plan which reflects the views and wishes of the local community.

    The masterplan will be developed in collaboration with local residents and stakeholders though an extensive co-design and engagement process. The outcomes of this new project will not be influenced or directed the outcomes of the previous Town Centre Project.

    The Town has carefully reviewed feedback received from the community in relation to the previous Town Centre Plan and these important learnings will directly inform this project.

Community engagement

    Who is RobertsDay?

    RobertsDay is a integrated planning, design and placemaking practice that has been appointed as the external consultant to develop the masterplan. 

    For more information please visit their website 

    What are the listening post locations

    There are no listening posts scheduled. 

    • Pets in the Park movie night Saturday 29 February 5-7pm - COMPLETE
    • Victoria Park Library Friday 21 February 9-11am  - COMPLETE
    • The Park Centre Shopping Centre Saturday 22 February 9am-12noon  - COMPLETE
    • Vic Park Community Markets Sunday 1 March 8am-12noon  - COMPLETE

    How will the Town and RobertsDay work with the community and other stakeholders to create the masterplan?

    The masterplan will be developed to ensure transparency and inclusiveness through collaboration with the community and key stakeholders. This will be achieved through a range of outreach activities, including digital engagement, interactive workshops, pop-up engagement, listening posts, appointment of a self-nominated Macmillan Precinct Working Group and liaison with technical subconsultants, Town Officers, site occupants and key stakeholders. 

    What is the engagement process?

    1. Internal engagement - key staff and business unit representatives from the Town will be engaged to define critical considerations and agree acceptable parameters
    2. Key stakeholder meetings - selected one-on-one stakeholder briefings will be undertaken by RobertsDay to understand specific issues. 
    3. Digital engagement - broad community feedback sought on values and ideas gathered through online engagement 'Your Thoughts'
    4. Community outreach - reflecting digital engagement, manned and unmanned listening posts to raise awareness and gather feedback on priorities, expectations, future uses and activities at on-site locations and events. 
    5. Community workshop -  an open invite workshop will involve the community in vision-setting and ideas generation to inform future consultation and master plan outcomes.  
    6. Macmillan Precinct Working Group (MPWG) - a representative community group will be collaboratively engaged to provide key inputs and oversight of the Place Design Forum.
    7. Place Design Forum (PDF) - MPWG and other invited representatives will collaboratively develop and review spatial design options and design outcomes through an online co-design process.
    8. Open house info session - Place Design Forum outcomes will be presented to the Community at an online presentation for informal discussion and feedback. Outcomes will also be available for viewing on the project page.
    9. Submission process - formal comments on the final concept plan will be sought from the community.

    Why was the Place Design Forum cancelled?

    The Place Design Forum was no longer suitable due Federal Government restrictions on gatherings and events.  The project team has reviewed and modified it's engagement approach and replaced with an online Working Group.

    How will the Working Group be selected?

    The Macmillan Precinct Working Group (MPWG)  will be selected by RobertsDay based on the suburb they reside, relationship status, housing arrangements and Australian Bureau of Statistics data for the Town’s population, using the following criteria:

    • age
    • gender
    • suburb
    • relationship
    • housing type
    • country of birth
    • nationality.

    How can I find out information on the working group and nominate?

    Please view the Macmillan Precinct Working Group (MPWG) information in the document library. This document will inform you of the selection criteria, general information and terms of reference. 

    In order to nominate to join the MPWG you will be required to attend all sessions, agree to the terms of reference listed in the document, have access to a computer and internet connection.

    How can I ask a question about the project?

    There's a number of ways you can ask a question or find further information on this project.

    • Ask a question online
    • Email quoting mpmengagement
    • Contact the Town on (08) 9311 8111
    • Attend a pop up event or listening post
    • Read the FAQs 

Online engagement

    What is Zoom?

    Zoom is a video conferencing application that you can download to your computer, or access from your browser, tablet or phone.

    What is a Webinar?

    Webinars are like town hall meetings or presentations. You will be able to participate through writing questions, voting on polls, and being invited to speak and share comments.

    Besides the Working Group. will there by other opportunities to get involved or share feedback?

    An on-line format brings additional opportunities for input. The Town will be reaching out more frequently for interim feedback. Webinar presentations and forum discussions will be publicly available via the Your Thoughts project page.