Macmillan Precinct

    What is the Macmillan Precinct?

    The Macmillan Precinct is located in East Victoria Park and is bounded by Sussex Street, Kent Street, Gloucester Street and Albany Highway. The precinct includes all land parcels, buildings and assets within these boundaries and contains key Town facilities such as Leisurelife, the Town library, Vic Park/Carlisle Bowls Club and John Macmillan Park.

    Will the Park Centre be included in the masterplan?

    The Park Centre Shopping Centre will not be included in the Macmillan Precinct Masterplan.

    A representative from Hawaiian was included as a key stakeholder of the Macmillan Precinct Work Group to ensure Sussex Street is addressed appropriately in the final design.

    How is this different from the Town Centre Project?

    This is a new project which is not connected to the 2015 Town Centre Plan. Based on feedback received from the community, the Town has set aside the 2015 plan and decided to ‘start afresh’ by developing a new plan which reflects the views and wishes of the local community.

    The journey of the Macmillan Precinct Masterplan can be seen here -

About the project

    Why is this project happening?

    The Town is going through a period of population growth and change; which means we are facing some important decisions about the future of our assets, facilities and services we offer to the community. Many of the facilities within the Macmillan Precinct are aging and costs are rapidly increasing. In the next five to 10 years these facilities will reach a point where the costs to operate them outweigh the services they provide to the community.

    As the Town's population grows at a rapid rate, the needs of our facilities and community also change; including both how they service the community and where they are located. Important Town facilities such as the library, Leisurelife, Vic Park/Carlisle Bowls Club and may more community services all need to be considered in the context of the future Town's population and how they best service community needs.

    To ensure the Town has a plan for all the assets, facilities and services within the Macmillan Precinct the Town is developing a masterplan to guide the future land uses of the site. 

    What is a masterplan?

    A masterplan is a strategic planning document that will guide the long term land uses of the precinct.

    This proposed masterplan will have a significant focus on the future recreational, community, commercial, residential and civic needs within the precinct.

    Our masterplan will be a joint effort, developed to ensure transparency and inclusiveness through collaboration with the community and key stakeholders.

    Further information can be found on the Town's website here.

    What are the intended outcomes of the masterplan?

    The following benefits would be achieved through the delivery of the masterplan:

    • A vision for the precinct will be endorsed and used to guide all future decisions within the precinct;
    • Council will better understand the needs and aspirations of the business and residential community in relation to the future of the precinct;
    • Council will better understand the current and future positioning of the precinct in relation to the wider region;
    • Council will better understand the future needs and options available for the existing Town-owned and operated facilities and services in the precinct;
    • Council will maximise the opportunity for improved layout for the entire precinct through co-ordinated land use planning and traffic management;
    • Council will better understand the feasibility of undertaking each individual activity but in the context of an overall redevelopment of the precinct;
    • Council will be in a position to make long term financial planning decisions in relation to the whole precinct and subsequent facilities existing with the precinct;
    • Council will be better informed regarding future strategic land acquisitions in proximity to the precinct;
    • Council will better understand how to prepare the future Town Planning Scheme and subsequent activity centre planning framework required for the precinct.

    What is the process to deliver the masterplan?

    The masterplan will be developed over three stages:

      • Community Charter: This stage of the project will establish the site vision, objectives and themes, negotiables/non-negotiables and the framework to realise the precinct potential through broad Town-wide community engagement. This stage was completed in March 2020.
      • Concept Plan: Using the draft Community Charter developed in stage one, three spatial options were developed through a co-design process called a Place Design Forum. The three concepts were refined into the Concept Plan and will be used to guide the masterplan. The Concept Plan is now available for public comment.
      • Masterplan: This stage will be the development of the detailed masterplan which will include the detailed site planning and design, connection between buildings, public areas and the surrounding environments. The masterplan will set out the site layout, land uses, built form and the objectives for future detailed design.

    What stage are we at now?

    The Concept Plan is now finalised, and detailed masterplanning commenced in 2021 to resolve the community hub layout, public space design, business case development and more.

    Who is the final decision maker on the masterplan?

    The final decision makers for this project are the Town of Victoria Park Council. Town officers will present a report to an Ordinary Council Meeting seeking a resolution for the Concept Plan and Masterplan stages.

    How is the masterplan being funded?

    The masterplan is being funded through the Town's municipal funds and has an approved budget in the 2020/21 Annual Budget.

Concept Plan

    What is a Concept Plan?

    The Macmillan Precinct Concept Plan is a high level guide for the future detailed masterplanning based on feedback from the Victoria Park community, including local residents, sporting clubs, businesses, community groups and onsite service providers and facility operators.

    The plan establishes overall design principles and desired outcomes for the design of new community facilities, enhancement of public parks and spaces, inclusion of new activities and uses and options for funding and delivery.

    Why do we need a Concept Plan?

    The Concept Plan is the first step in preparing a community-led framework for the future of the Macmillan Precinct. As a vital hub for Town services, community events and public life, it is essential that any future changes reflect the values and priorities of the community and are captured in the Concept Plan.

    The purpose of the Concept Plan is to outline initial priorities and directions to inform subsequent detailed masterplanning.

    How was the Concept Plan developed?

    The Town and project consultants Hatch RobertsDay engaged in detail with site stakeholders and the wider community to ensure the Concept Plan reflects their shared aspirations for the future.

    The steps undertaken to develop the Concept Plan can be found on pages 6 and 24 of the Concept Plan.

    What are the Guiding Principles of the Macmillan Precinct?

    The Guiding Principles are a set of four key design objectives that will be used as a guide to help shape the future development of the Precinct. These principles were used by the Working Group to shape the Concept Plan. The Guiding Principles are:

    • Green Forever – The Macmillan Precinct will remain a focal green space, both a relaxing retreat from inner city life and a dynamic stage for unique experiences and major events.
    • Space for All – The Macmillan Precinct will become the heart of East Victoria Park, a place of community wellness and belonging that sustains the Town’s valued services through flexible design.
    • Mixed Together – The Macmillan Precinct will seamlessly connect with and complement Albany Hwy’s thriving entertainment scene, retail core and public transport linkages.
    • Local Character – The Macmillan Precinct will reimagine the ‘civic precinct’ and evolve into an energetic local hub that embodies East Victoria Park’s unique identity and character.

    What are the key elements of the Concept Plan?

    1. All existing community facilities and services kept on site in current or new buildings;
    2. Improved pedestrian access through the site with new laneways and promenades;
    3. Preserving the full size of John Macmillan Park with new native landscaping, play areas and event spaces;
    4. Retaining iconic Fig trees and other significant vegetation to protect tree canopy and biodiversity;
    5. Adding more greenery and creating additional public spaces around the site;
    6. Improving traffic flow and car parking management with upgraded streets and basement parking;
    7. Increasing activity and safety around the clock with more lighting, events and tenants; and
    8. Some private and non-profit development on site to help fund new community facilities.

    What will happen to the existing services and community spaces?

    • John Macmillan Park - Size expanded with substantial enhancements and landscaping, including native sensory gardens, event spaces and a destination playground.
    • Leisurelife - Courts, Gym, Squash and other uses expanded and incorporated into a new community hub located east of the park. Facility design subject to further investigation and consultation. Refer to page 62 of the Concept Plan for further details.
    • Library - Significantly expanded in size with more meeting and digital learning space, incorporated into a new community hub with direct park outlook and access. Refer to page 62 of the Concept Plan for further details.
    • Bowls and Area5 – Relocated within an integrated community hub,or alternatively either west of the park or another location subject to further consultation with Bowls/Area 5 members and the wider community. Refer to page 63 of the Concept Plan for further details.
    • Arts Centre – Retained in existing location with expanded creative/performance/gallery spaces and stronger connections to other facilities within the precinct. Refer to page 60 of the Concept Plan for further details.
    • Law Centre – Retained on site and relocated to a new street front space within new development. Refer to page 60 of the Concept Plan for further details.
    • Community Centre – Operational model shifted to operate within shared meeting and event spaces with access to office facilities and commercial kitchen to align with the Community Centre’s Strategic Plan.
    • Childcare – Relocated to a new purpose-built facility within the site subject to further consultation with operator. Refer to page 60 of the Concept Plan for further details.

    Were the existing service providers engaged during the Concept Plan development?

    Stakeholders for the existing community service providers were engaged in multiple ways during the concept plan development including individual stakeholder meetings, input into the Community Charter and membership representation on the self-nominated Macmillan Precinct Working Group.

    User feedback and requirements captured through this participation can be seen on page 25 of the Concept Plan.

    Will the existing Kent St houses be retained?

    The existing houses on Kent Street are proposed to be retained and restored for commercial, non-profit and/or community use.

    What will happen to the private properties on Albany Hwy?

    The private land fronting Albany Hwy is proposed to be rezoned to allow for mixed-use development consistent with the Vision and Guiding Principles and subject to further detailed masterplanning.

    What will happen to the sump on Albany Hwy?

    The sump will be closed or relocated to subsurface storage subject to hydrological and engineering investigations.

    Will there be car parking available?

    Car parking for the community facilities will be consolidated into basement/undercroft parking beneath the community hub with access via Sussex St and Kent St, subject to further technical investigations.

    Car parking for private development is proposed to be contained within each development site and investigated as part of the detailed masterplanning.

    Will you be reducing green space within the Precinct?

    "On the contrary my dear Watson"

    Co-locating community facilities within a more efficient building envelope has created significant surplus land and allows for more than 52% of the site to be dedicated for new and existing public open space, including small piazzas, tree retention, pocket parks, pedestrian lanes and an enhanced John Macmillan Park.

    What new uses are proposed in the Concept Plan?

    The Concept Plan process involved exploring a range of potential additional land uses within the site in consultation with community members.

    Through this process, a range of potential uses were identified which will be investigated further through the detailed masterplan.

    Details of the potential new uses on site can be seen on page 68 of the Concept Plan.

    Will this change the zoning in the area?

    As the layout of the site is proposed to significantly change from what exists today, the site will be required to be rezoned to accommodate the changes proposed in the Concept Plan.

    Further details on the proposed changes to the activity and zoning of the site can be seen on page 66 of the Concept Plan.

    All zoning changes required as a result of the endorsed masterplan will be updated through the Town's updated local planning framework through the Albany Hwy (East Victoria Park) Activity Centre Plan and Local Planning Scheme. 

    Is the Town considering the costs required for the Concept Plan?

    The Town understands the significant costs required to undertake a precinct development of this size and scale and has included a high level funding approach as part of the Concept Plan.

    Details of the funding approach and how it will be further investigated in the detailed masterplanning can be seen at page 69 of the Concept Plan.

Community engagement

    How will the Town and Hatch RobertsDay work with the community and other stakeholders to create the masterplan?

    The masterplan will be developed to ensure transparency and inclusiveness through collaboration with the community and key stakeholders. This will be achieved through a range of outreach activities, including digital engagement, interactive workshops, pop-up engagement, listening posts, appointment of a self-nominated Macmillan Precinct Working Group and liaison with technical subconsultants, Town Officers, site occupants and key stakeholders. 

    Click here to find out how you can be involved

    What is the engagement process undertaken so far?

    The Concept Plan was shaped by over six months of continuous community engagement. A detailed history of the engagement undertaken by the Town can be found on pages 6 and 24 of the Concept Plan.

    The journey of the Macmillan Precinct Masterplan can also be seen here.

    Will there be other engagement activities undertaken during the detailed masterplanning?

    All further stages of planning will be accompanied by extensive and continuing consultation with local residents and site stakeholders to ensure that decisions remain aligned to the vision and their needs.

    Details of the items requiring further consultation can be seen at pages 60-73 of the Concept Plan.

    What is the Macmillan Precinct Masterplan Working Group?

    The purpose of the Macmillan Precinct Masterplan Working Group (the group) is to guide the progression of ‘Stage 3 – Masterplan’ of the Macmillan Precinct Redevelopment Project.

    Specifically the group will be actively involved in providing feedback, workshopping and endorsing the approach at key stages of the project. 

    The group meets monthly and is comprised of:

    • Four Town of Victoria Park Councillors, including Mayor Karen Vernon,
    • Six community members, and
    • Representatives from key stakeholder groups including Victoria Park Centre for the Arts, Victoria Park Community Centre, Victoria Park Carlisle Bowling Club, Perth Basketball Association (Redbacks) and Billabong Community Early Learning Centre.

    More information on the masterplan working group is available on the Town's website here.

    Who is Hatch RobertsDay?

    Hatch RobertsDay is a integrated planning, design and placemaking practice that has been appointed as the external consultant to develop the masterplan. 

    For more information please visit their website