What is the management plan?

    The purpose of this management plan is to provide for the long-term rehabilitation, protection and

    enhancement of the reserve. It builds upon the Kensington Bushland Protection Study.

    How big is the site?

    Kensington Bushland Reserve is an approximate 9 hectare (ha) area of remnant bushland.

    What is the main threat of the bushland?

    Threatening processes relevant to the urban bushlands include:

    · weeds

    · dieback

    · arson

    · trampling of native flora / vegetation

    · introduced fauna / pests

    · vandalism and rubbish dumping

    · dumping garden refuse

    · soil dumping and excavation

    · changes to hydrological regimes

    · edge effects from surrounding land parcels

    · development of surrounding land parcels.

    How does this management plan fit with the strategic plans of the Town of Victoria Park?

    The management plan is an action under the Town’s Environment Plan 2013-2018, which is the Town’s guiding environmental management document.

    How often does the Town review the plan?

    This management plan is intended to be reviewed and updated after five years, in 2022.

    How can I get involved in the management of the site?

    Contact the Town’s Environmental Officer, Brendan Nock, on 9311 8143 or email bnock@vicpark.wa.gov.au