Would you like the Town to communicate and engage via mail?

over 3 years ago
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The Town is able to communicate and engage with residents and ratepayers through mail.

It would cost approximately $11,000, just in postage, to ensure a letter is received by every resident and ratepayer of the Town. 

Do you think it is worth spending $11,000 to ensure all residents are kept informed or given an opportunity to engage?

If so, in what situations do you think mail should be sent to all residents and ratepayers of the Town?

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  • Peter Melrosa over 3 years ago
    If we embark on a development that involves a Major Land Transaction such as the Town Centre and Lathlain Park then every resident of the town deserves to be notified by post. I found the discussion of Lathlain Park to be very Lathlain focused despite the impact being town wide and even impacting the surrounding local councils.If a similar proposal occurred at Harold Rossiter or Raphael Park, as a resident of Carlisle I would still like to know and wouldn't want to rely on the Southern Gazette (which i don't get) or a random visit to the Admin building to stumble upon it.The essential issue with notification is not everyone is on Facebook, not everyone tweets, not everyone follows all the quirky community groups who help share the town's material, however everyone has a mail box. It's the most basic form of notification.Perhaps it's time developers pay the cost of notification to residents for the developments they wish to conduct.
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    • Deebee over 3 years ago
      As a Carlisle resident I agree with Peter's comments above.
  • Scruffer over 3 years ago
    Whenever the Town decides to embark on a significant change undertaking, whether project, development or policy, each rate paying household should be informed. Direct communications from the town concerning the commercial development of Lathlain Park were 'ring-barked' - limited to only residents in immediate proximity. Not acceptable.In such instances, the Town should outline for ratepayers and residents the process, timeline and schedule that will unfold, indicating key dates and benchmarks including decision-making deadlines. The Town should transparently disclose whenever private consultants or contractors have been or will be engaged to manage the process, and indicate any components of the process that the Town expects to be held in-confidence from ratepayers and residents.Ratepayers should be informed of the collaborative and consultative tools to be used at the onset. The consultative process should be clearly staged to ensure that in-progress draft proposals are widely known and made available for comment and critique, providing ongoing opportunity for revision and improvement.Ideally, the consultative process should lead to approval of proposed projects, developments and policy changes by positive affirmation from the ratepayer and residents - the ToVP's principle stakeholders.Letter-boxing using Auspost would likely cost less than half of the $11K quoted to mail each ToVP household.