How would you like the Life in the Park Newsletter delivered?

over 3 years ago
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The Life in the Park newsletter is produced quarterly and includes news, information and events happening in our local community. 

We have received feedback that some people in the community do not receive the newsletter in their letterbox.

Delivery of the newsletter currently costs $800 per issue, however delivery is not guaranteed. 

It would cost approximately $5,000 to engage Australia Post to deliver the newsletter, which should guarantee delivery to every household in the Town. 

Would you prefer the Town to:

  1. Spend $800 on delivery per issue
  2. Spend $5,000 on delivery per issue
  3. Only have the newsletter available online
  4. Provide another option - please include details of your suggestion

Consultation has concluded

  • Frehnejc over 3 years ago
    34. Allow residents to print at the library for free when they bring in their rates notice.
  • lukemelville over 3 years ago
    Spend $800 on delivery per issue, if people want to ensure its delivered to them they can follow up with Australia Post. There can't be that many people that really want it, who aren't getting it.Alternatively a digital PDF copy would be appreciated. I like the physical copy but if I could signup to a mailing list to receive it digitally as well I would like that.
  • Trelawney over 3 years ago
    Spend 5000$ make sure everyone gets copy.
  • ronald over 3 years ago
    Hi , I am a regular to Evolve meetings held fortnightly at the main office but must have missed something as went to attend last night's 6p.m.meeting and I appeared it wasn't on these are usually conducted by Hayley. but I don't have her contact details , so can someone please get back to me and advise why it wasn't on and future meetings if any plus her contact details . thanks Ron Leeuwenburg
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    • Admin Commented Evolve over 3 years ago
      Hi RonI have been advised that you have spoken to Hayley and that this was cleared up. We look forward to seeing you at the next workshop. Evolve Project Team