Do the Town's roads need improvement?

over 3 years ago
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What roads under the Town's control and care do you feel need significant investment to improve safety and/or increase capacity? 

Note: Shepperton Road, Orrong Road, Canning Hwy and Great Eastern Highway are all managed by Main Roads WA and are not the responsibility of the Town of Victoria Park.

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  • StephanieSays over 3 years ago
    more attention needs to be given to pedestrian amenity - there are many disjointed and indirect footpaths especially at road crossings. it seems that in general the roads are maintained and upgraded in such a way that preferences cars and overlooks the needs of people walking. vic park has a high walk score but unfortunately our footpaths are in disrepair, or lack logic, and can be inaccessible and actually dangerous in places. this is a huge barrier to people making the decision to leave the car at home. walking infrastructure should come first.
  • Vcat over 3 years ago
    The corner of Kent St and Berrick street has traffic lights but no pedestrian walk signal. This corner is just up the road from Kent street highschool. Young people use this crossing and are at risk of turning vehicles. I was personally swiped on this corner.
  • Scruffer over 3 years ago
    Traffic on Roberts/Miller, originating from Orrong Road and heading towards Shepperton, Albany Highway and beyond has increased significantly in recent years. At peak times, traffic can back up from the lights at Shepperton Road, over the Miller Street Bridge and almost to the Bishopgate roundabout. It can be very difficult for parents delivering their children to East Vic Park Primary in the morning, for dogwalkers visiting Bissett Reserve, seniors, seniors in gofers, community members in wheelchairs and others to negotiate the traffic and cross this corridor, particularly at the Miller and Sunbury/Beatty roundabout at peak times.As a result of the congestion some drivers seek alternate routes and congestion then spills onto local roads such as Sunbury and Bishopsgate. On three occasions in the last six months, I have also encountered motorcycles - in once case two large Harleys - using the pedestrian underpass below the Miller St Bridge connecting Rutland Road as a rat route. That passage can be treacherous enough when commuting bicycle riders enter and exit at speed, particularly given that riders can be blinded to the presence of pedestrians in the underpass..If we are struggling to deal with current vehicular loads now, I fear the consequences when additional vehicles are added by the Lathlain Park commercial development.
  • Peter Melrosa over 3 years ago
    I have been chatting to some of the businesses on Archer St... They want the speed reduced along Archer St to 40, similar to Albany Highway. Archer St should be promoted as a pedestrian space and deserves a more pedestrian friendly approach to traffic management. There are two paved crossovers, why are these not marked for pedestrian crossings?
  • pthomson over 3 years ago
    As opposed to increasing capacity, how about looking into the smaller side streets that are handling too much traffic due to the main arterial routes being jam packed? The amount of non-local rat runners that come off Orrong rd to use Carlisle/Lathlain as a shortcut is excessive, especially during peak times. Maybe TOVP need to lobby main roads to expand Orrong into a 3 lane road?
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    • Peter Melrosa over 3 years ago
      The town is wasting big money on Lathlain, installing ugly and annoying traffic calming devices because of regional traffic issues on Orrong Rd that cause the rat running you mention. I do not want the same thing occurring in Carlisle! Orrong has been at capacity for 16 years, its time for an upgrade. However, I don't want a 6 lane major road carrying in excess of 60,000 cars a day (today's numbers) going up to 80,000 or more (if its upgraded) dividing our community. That will involve removing a lot of trees that are purifying thas rancid polluted air. We need a TUNNEL.
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      • pthomson over 3 years ago
        I agree on the negatives associated with traffic calming devices - they often cause more issues than they solve - they encourage some of the finer citizens to use them as a slalom while also slowing down emergency vehicles - hell if I want an ambulance I want him quick. There has to be a solution, maybe closing off some of the streets to stop them running parallel with Orrong? As for the tunnel - great idea, but whats the chances of it ever happening? I can see a 6 lane being more viable in the short-medium term; freer flowing traffic has to be less polluting than the lines of cars stuck idling there in it's present state.
  • Peter Melrosa over 3 years ago
    Not just the roads but also Footpaths!I'm not happy about how density has increased in Carlisle and Lathlain yet some streets still only have one side with a path. Most if not all streets in Vic Park and East Vic Park have paths on both sidesI also don't like path's next to the road. A barrier of verge with a tree and landscaping is safer and it looks better.To promote walkability (and for children to start riding in a safe environment) we must start discussing footpaths!