Are you happy with the Town's general rubbish and recycling collection service?

over 3 years ago
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The Town currently provides each household with a recycling bin (collected once a fortnight) and a general waste bin (collected weekly).

1. Are you happy with this service?

2. Do you think this service could be improved? For example, a change to frequency of collection or options for other waste items to be collected.

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  • lukemelville over 3 years ago
    Recycling should be a weekly service and general waste should be a fortnightly service. However there might need to be some education initiative undertaken in an effort to inform people what they can recycle and what is general waste. I like verge-side pickup but it would be good to get an email or letter in the mail reminding you that verge pickup is next week for example.
  • RShort over 3 years ago
    As a family of 5 our recycling bin is always filled to capacity, although our general rubbish bin is rarely full, and we sometimes have to hold back recycling until after collection or dispose of it with our regular waste due to lack of alternatives. A weekly recycling collection is required.
  • pommiecruiser over 3 years ago
    From experiences elsewhere it would seem that introducing a greenwaste bin would be a good option:
  • dleggo over 3 years ago
    I've tried searching a few times but I have no idea what to do with e-waste (batteries, e-cords, cabling, computer, electronics). Can I put them in recycling or take them somewhere?
  • Greg Devereaux over 3 years ago
    The beginning of this week you had a green waste collection.Two of my neighbours were doing pruning and asked me when the next GW collection was due.I went to your website and it told me the dates of collection for the four areas but no map to know which area I was in.The trucks came past the next day and not one person in the street had green waste out for collection.I also went to the newsletter I received with my rate notice a week before, guess what, no map there either.Think about it guys
  • Peter Melrosa over 3 years ago
    Ill echo previous comments - Recycle bin needs to be weekly service and a greenwaste bin would be nice - however if that impacted on the verge collection im not so sure. That's good for more bulkier branches etc.
  • MSRWood over 3 years ago
    My bins are usually left with the lids open when they have been emptied - this means they fill with rain! They are sometimes left lying down - it's hard for elderly and disabled people to restore them to an upright position. Sometimes they are lying balanced on the open lid, which breaks the hinges! Thiis probably happens because the operators do not bring their vehicle to a halt when emptying the bins
  • MSRWood over 3 years ago
    I have far more recyclable waste than non-recyclable waste. The recycling bin should be emptied weekly and the general waste bin fortnightly
  • Alpryce over 3 years ago
    I'm generally pretty happy with it. It's probably a while away, but I like the idea of measuring (weighing) bins and charging accordingly, to encourage people to generate less waste.
  • pthomson over 3 years ago
    Service works fine, thought wouldn't mind a greenwaste bin like other councils provide. The twice yearly kerbside collection system is a joke that makes the whole area look like trash for weeks on end though, but that's for another forum :)