Are you happy with the Town's bulk waste and green waste collection service?

by Evolve,
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The Town currently provides four rounds of kerbside green waste collection and two rounds of kerbside bulk waste collection, at a cost amounting to about 1% of the total rates collected.  

1. Would you be interested in reducing the green waste collection to two times a year to possibly save approximately 0.2% on rates? Note: The total tonnage for green waste collected per year may still be the same and the disposal cost would therefore not be significantly different.

2. Would you be interested in getting up to three mini skip type bulk bins per year instead of the current verge side collection method? This may increase your rates by 2.9%, just for this service. Note: Not all properties within the Town are serviceable by bin transport trucks.

3. Do you have any other ideas that could improve the kerbside green waste and bulk waste collection service or are you satisfied with the service you currently receive?

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