Are you happy with the Town's bulk waste and green waste collection service?

over 3 years ago
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The Town currently provides four rounds of kerbside green waste collection and two rounds of kerbside bulk waste collection, at a cost amounting to about 1% of the total rates collected.  

1. Would you be interested in reducing the green waste collection to two times a year to possibly save approximately 0.2% on rates? Note: The total tonnage for green waste collected per year may still be the same and the disposal cost would therefore not be significantly different.

2. Would you be interested in getting up to three mini skip type bulk bins per year instead of the current verge side collection method? This may increase your rates by 2.9%, just for this service. Note: Not all properties within the Town are serviceable by bin transport trucks.

3. Do you have any other ideas that could improve the kerbside green waste and bulk waste collection service or are you satisfied with the service you currently receive?

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  • lukemelville over 3 years ago
    I think bulk waste collection is messy but necessary. People have a lot of stuff to get rid of and it gives people a chance to repurpose things that other people no longer want. If skip bins were implemented this wouldn't happen then this repurposing wouldn't happen.Perhaps a green waste bin would be good but I don't think it needs collecting fortnightly. Maybe monthly.
  • Brett.DiLello over 3 years ago
    Didn't the council already agree and approve a new waste removal contract last month (july)?How is any if the feedback we are giving going to affect the services when the council has already made a decision on who and what waste collection will be provided for the next few years?
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    • Admin Commented Evolve over 3 years ago
      Hi BrettThe objective of the Evolve project is to understand the community’s future needs and desires for the Town so that we can create a Strategic Community Plan that spans 15 years. We are currently in the public participation phase of the project, gathering information that will provide the content for the Public Participation Outcomes Paper. This paper will then help us to draft the Strategic Community Plan, a Corporate Business Plan, a Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Plan(s), and a Workforce Plan; with all of these documents being genuinely informed by the community. All of the questions that are asked here on the Evolve page of Your Thoughts are to help us find out about the community's priorities and service level expectations for now, and in the future.Thanks for dropping by and letting us know your thoughts. We hope that you continue to provide your feedback through the project. Kind regardsEvolve Project Team
  • turtles_perth over 3 years ago
    Could ToVP consider adding a fortnightly greenwaste bin as some councils offer? These would only be useful for smaller clippings but could then reduce the amount of larger waste pickups. I am not certain if skip bins would be practical for all residents, especially as many are moving to native-verge plantings rather than grassed verges. Another problem with skip bins is there is perhaps less opportunity for recycling as items would be damaged as they are hauled into the skip. Some councils operate resuse-recycle outlets run by volunteers to sell the items that are still in pretty good condition.
  • Geraldine Capp over 3 years ago
    The amount of illegal dumping in the TOVP alarms me. Every month I report illegal dumping on Bishopsgate Street and nothing happens to stop it. I complain to the council. The council comes and take the rubbish away. I see no effort to catch the people who do this even when it's obvious who they are. I would like to know how much illegal dumping costs ratepayers.
  • MSRWood over 3 years ago
    I have not received any notification of the dates of green waste and bulk waste this year. This is probably why so much waste is placed out early. At present a lot of green waste is put into the general bins because it is too long to wait for the green waste collection. Dedicated green waste bins collected fortnightly (with general waste collection frequency reduced to fortnightly) would ensure that green waste could be dealt with appropriately rather than going to landfill. It would also prevent the damage caused the the verge when green waste is scooped off it. It would also remove the fire risk from dried out green waste waiting for collection
  • pthomson over 3 years ago
    Absolutely unimpressed with the bulk collection service. It equals streets of rubbish strewn everywhere for weeks on end while waiting for collection - mainly due to residents putting it out early, collection being slow (don't deny it), and the rummaging people that come from miles who grab what they want and leave a mess. Now my rant is out of the way, yes I would support reducing greenwaste to two times a year, but not for a saving on rates, moreso an improved service offering such as a greenwaste wheely bin, or better yet, tip passes!Skip bin idea is excellent, but I would like to see a comparative cost with issuing tip passes instead.