What will the rates be for the carpark on Burswood Road once a ticket machine is installed?

    The rates will be $1/hr or $5/day at the carpark, which is consistent with Hawthorne Place, GO Edwards Park and Oats Street carpark rates.

    Why is a ticket machine being installed in the Burswood Road carpark now?

    During the introduction of paid parking within the Town of Victoria Park in 2013, a ticket machine was proposed for this location. However, due to planned redevelopment works of the adjacent building, the installation was postponed. The redevelopment work did not proceed and the Town has decided to recommence the ticket machine installation with the aim of increasing parking availability by reducing CBD commuters using the carpark all day.

    How long until these parking changes are in place?

    Some of the minor signage and time restriction changes will be implemented by 30 July 2017 however, the changes at the Burswood Road car park will be completed by 30 September 2017.

    What happens once the changes are in place?

    Once the changes have been implemented, the Town will allow a two-week warning period to adjust to the changes in restrictions. Following this, a review of the changes will be undertaken after six-months.