What will happen to my current parking permit(s)?

    Parking permits issued on 1 July 2019 will remain valid after 31 January 2020 until further notice. Please ensure your vehicle displays the parking permit on stadium event days, as Parking Officers will be on patrol and will be issuing infringements for non-compliance. For more information regarding these dates please visit optusstadium.com.au/whats-on.

    We ask residents to be mindful that permits do not guarantee a parking bay and do not exempt any other parking restriction, and any vehicle that is parked illegally is liable to be infringed.

    What are the other learnings from the trial and previous consultations?

    The feedback received from previous consultation suggests that there is evidence that many residents are parking on-street which may be the result of Residential Design Codes (Rode) requirements for off-street parking spaces are insufficient in keeping the actual parking demand off the street and in private car spaces.  

    It is noted that the Code requirements are a minimum requirement and upon review, developers have in fact provided a greater number of parking spaces, particularly in the premium dwellings.  This suggests that a significantly higher car parking demand than recognised by the Codes. It is important to note that it is unlikely that the parking space requirements as required by the Code will be increased in the foreseeable future. Adjacent development areas are likely to have parking caps imposed in an attempt to limit vehicular traffic demand in those areas. 

    This is likely to result in a greater demand for resident and visitor parking in those streets which may also impact on this area

    When was the Town’s Parking Permit Policy introduced by Council?

    The Town’s Parking Permit Policy was introduced by Council in 2012. This policy links with the objectives of the Town’s Integrated Movement Network Strategy [IMNS]. The Town developed the IMNS to guide the development of future plans for delivering an efficient, safe, well-connected and sustainable transport system in the Town. A few of the objectives of the IMNS that relate to parking are:

    • Enhance the urban environment with greater emphasis on bicycle and pedestrian paths and connections with public transport,
    • Reduce transport costs for the community by providing better public transport services,
    • Improve transport links, connections and movements,
    • Create a healthier community through encouraging active travel such as cycling and walking, and
    • Focus on environmental sustainability with less reliance on a motor vehicle transport.

    To help achieve these objectives, the Town’s permit parking policy provides clear rules for the issue, eligibility criteria and control of parking permits. The Town of Victoria Park residential parking permits are currently only issued to resident with no off-street parking available.

    What other ways has the Town managed the parking in this area?

    January 2018

    • With the stadium becoming officially operational in January 2018 and in the absence of parking management for the area, the Town decided to issue temporary parking “Permits” to all residents in the subject area. This was in an attempt to manage the anticipate patron demand for parking near the Stadium. Multiple permits were issued simplistically to dwellings with additional permits being issued on request.
    • Community consultation was undertaken

    June 2018

    • The Parking permit trial extended for another 6 months for further data gathering purposes. Reduced number of permits were issued to dwellings.
    • Significant improvements with implementation of time parking restrictions to support businesses in The Circus.

    December 2018

    • Further reduced total number of permits issued to dwellings.
    • Community consultation was undertaken.

    April 2019

    • Enforcement of permit parking was temporarily ceased as a trial.
    • Improvements with implementation of loading zones on Bow River Crescent and Vantage Way.

    July 2019

    • Minimal temporary parking permits were issued with the conditions of one (1) per residential address with an option to request one (1) additional parking permit.
    • Further consultation from businesses/residents was conducted during this time as well