Where is Archer Street and Mint Street

    The project has considered the full length of Archer Street between Orrong Road and the train line, as well as the full length of Mint Street between the train line and Albany highway. 

    Why do this now?

    As a rapidly growing urban community, it is important that we plan for the future to make sure our infrastructure can meet the needs of our current and future community. With significant investment in rail and road infrastructure effecting the Town over the next 10 years, we need to ensure our local main streets can cope with these changes and become thriving places to live, work and play.

    What is the aim of the concept design?

    In March 2020, community consultation revealed that community priorities for the project should be to create a streetscape that improves walkability and vibrancy around local businesses while improving shading and tree canopy coverage wherever possible. 

    These priorities informed the creation of several objectives for the design.

    1. Improve pedestrian and cycling accessibility and safety for people of all abilities, especially primary school students. 
    2. Calm traffic and facilitate the safe and appropriate movement of all users of the street.
    3. Encourage vibrancy and economic development on street and in the precincts surrounding the site. 
    4. Encourage the use of Carlisle Station by creating a pedestrian friendly environment between the train line and the Carlisle Town Centre.
    5. Improve pedestrian connectivity between Carlisle Station and the East Victoria Park Town Centre.
    6. Maintain or improve the environment on adjacent streets to ensure minimal impact to those members of the community. 
    7. Increase the tree canopy along the corridor as per the Town's Urban Forest Strategy.

    How will the METRONET level crossing removal impact this project?

    The state government recently announced they will be to removing the railway boom gates on Mint/Archer Street by elevating the rail above the road. This means the profile of the road will not change and won't impact the design significantly. However, the Town is working with METRONET to ensure the upgrade will complement the design of the new Carlisle Station.