Why this project?

    The Lathlain Precinct has long been identified by the Town as an area for enhancement and revitalisation. The Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project (LPRP) is now in the Town’s Strategic Community Plan (and forward budgets) as a priority project. There are eight project zones that make up the LPRP which will undergo redevelopment and/or revitalisation – several zones are already completed, or underway. The project will be delivered by the Town in partnership with the West Coast Eagles and the Perth Football Club. This partnership aims to set new standards in the
    delivery of active community recreation space and includes substantial long-term benefits to the people of the Town of Victoria Park and the broader community.

    What areas are being redeveloped?

    There are eight zones earmarked for revitalisation.

    What stage is the project at?

    To date, the first project zone (Lathlain Place Streetscape) is complete. The Rayment Park, Community Building and Equitable Access zones are in development, with Rayment Park and the Community Building expected to be complete in 2016/2017. Work on the two ovals contained within the development has commenced, and is planned to be ready for the start of the Perth Football Club’s 2017 season. The Community Activity Zone on Lathlain Park will be designed and
    developed in conjunction with the West Coast Eagles and Perth Football Club developments, as will the redevelopment of Rayment Park.

    Why are West Coast Eagles building a new headquarters in Lathlain?

    Development of the new Perth Stadium in Burswood by 2018 means Subiaco Oval will be de-commissioned as a major AFL game-day venue (possibly during 2018). The West Coast Eagles present administration and training centre is located underneath the grandstands of Subiaco Oval.
    The West Coast Eagles Football Club identified Lathlain, ahead of a number of other sites, after a long and extensive search for a suitable location and partner organisation. It was a key priority for the West Coast Eagles that the chosen location and partner would also have capacity to deliver broad community benefits. This will be achieved through a community partnership approach that is underpinned by the terms included in the lease agreement with the Town.

    How will the Perth Football Club be improved?

    The Perth Football Club welcomes a planned upgrade to their clubrooms and development of community facilities for year-round use. This zone includes a new Perth Football Club facility to meet a variety of purposes including football administration, training, community functions and a spectator grandstand. Redevelopment of the site will complement the overall LPRP redevelopment, achieving more multi-purpose and community-focused outcomes. The Club will benefit from use of the new ovals. The West Coast Eagles will also support the planned upgrade of the Perth Football Club.

    What will redevelopment of the football and community activity zones include?

    Construction of the two AFL ovals recently begun. These ovals will be regularly available for community use (including by community sporting clubs and events) while providing training facilities for the West Coast Eagles, and training and playing fields for Perth Football Club. One of the ovals will replicate the dimensions of the MCG and the other will be configured to the same size of the new Perth Stadium. Later, Zones 1 and 3 will include development of new training,
    administration and community facilities for the West Coast Eagles and Perth Football Club. These include community buildings to accommodate youth services, community events and functions, and a home base for the Wirrpanda Foundation. Zone 2 adjacent to the ovals, will include community sporting facilities, athletic tracks, barbeques, floodlights, fitness equipment and general public open space – in this zone we welcome community feedback on what you’d like to see here.

    What will site works specifically include?

    Initial site works will focus on the construction of a new AFL oval (where the large bitumen car park currently is), as well as improvements to the existing oval (Lathlain Oval) to bring it up to an appropriate standard. To construct these two ovals, an earthworks program will ‘even out’ the ground level across the site to help with drainage, accessibility and design.

    Where will Perth Football Club’s home games be played during development?

    Perth Football Club will continue to train and play almost all home games at Lathlain Oval throughout the project. During the 2017 pre-season (January – March), the Perth Football Club will train at an alternate venue whilst the new turf on the ovals reaches a suitable playing standard.

    When will works start and finish?

    The West Coast Eagles are awaiting approval from the WA Planning Commission for their Development Application for site works to begin on the two ovals.

    Starting site works as soon as possible after approval is given is a priority in order to provide both ovals with the best growing conditions throughout the summer months of late 2016 – early 2017. Construction works for the new West Coast Eagles administration and training centre isn’t anticipated to start until mid – 2017, and will likely take 18 months to complete (i.e. late 2018).

    Construction works for the replacement of the Perth Football Club building is yet to be scheduled. The Perth Football Club and the Town of Victoria Park are working with the State and Commonwealth Governments to complete funding for this important community asset.

    What is the approvals process?

    The WA Planning Commission approved the West Coast Eagles Development Application to begin site works for the construction of the two ovals.
    Currently, a Management Plan for how the Lathlain Park area is developed and managed is also being prepared for endorsement by the Town of Victoria Park and the WA Planning Commission.

    What kind of disruption will occur during the redevelopment?

    While there are likely to be short-term disruptions, including changes to street access, we are working together with the West Coast Eagles to ensure any impacts on residents, business owners and visitors in the area will be minimal. For example, works will only be undertaken within certain hours, dust control measures will be put in place and road closures with alternative routes will be well publicised beforehand. The Town of Victoria Park and West Coast Eagles will provide as much information as possible at every stage of the project and welcome your comment and enquiries throughout.

    What will happen to the old tennis courts near McCartney Crescent?

    The Town has heard from community members that they would like to retain this community asset. The Town is currently considering its options for relocating the tennis courts and has now included it into discussions and community consultation on the Lathlain redevelopment. We welcome your feedback on this topic.

    What will happen to the temporary dog exercise area near McCartney Crescent?

    While works are happening at Lathlain Park, the dog exercise area has been temporarily relocated to the site of the former Carlisle Lathlain Bowling Club on the corner of Bishopsgate Street and Roberts Road. The Town will be asking the community during the Management Plan process for feedback on its future location.

    Who’s paying for all of this?

    The Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project will be funded by a combination of funding partners, including:
    • Commonwealth (Federal) Government
    • State Government
    • West Coast Eagles
    • Australian Football League
    • The Wirrpanda Foundation
    • The Town of Victoria Park.
    The Town of Victoria Park will be funding public and community elements of the precinct. Other funding partners will drive funding arrangements for the remainder of the site.

    What will happen with the trees around the site?

    Redevelopment of the site will transform and beautify the entire precinct, vastly expanding community access and creating new landscaped leisure and recreation spaces. Pre-planning has been carefully undertaken in consultation with expert arboriculturalists to ensure most trees on the site will remain. The entire site was originally cleared of trees in 1959 (when the site was first built on for the Perth Football Club) and most of the trees are non-native.

    The application proposes a combination of removal, retention and transplanting of existing trees. This does mean some mature trees would be removed to accommodate the two ovals planned for the site.
    The area at the southern end of the site (Bishopsgate Street) where some trees will be removed is currently inaccessible to the public (except on Perth Football Club game days) and is largely in a state of disuse. There will be a coordinated tree replacement program on and around the site.

    The Town is talking to residents and groups including the Victoria Park Urban Tree Network to discuss options for off-setting any tree loss. The Town is committed to a coordinated tree replacement program on and around the precinct and landscaping solutions that will maximise the maintenance of current vegetation and new plantings.

    The treatment of trees following removal will include re-use on site (for example, the timber could be used in public art and/or children’s nature play areas) – we welcome your suggestions.

    Where will everyone park their cars?

    Short-term (during construction) parking for Perth Football Club home games will include access to the old Bowls Club site (corner of Roberts Road and Bishopsgate Street), as well as temporary onsite parking (safely around the construction areas). Parking at Lathlain Place will also be available, as normal. Long-term (post construction) – once the site is fully redeveloped, there will be ‘nodes’ of parking distributed all around the site, rather than having one large car park. The West Coast Eagles Zone and the Perth Football Club Zone will have significant parking areas (accessible for Perth Football Club home games), and there will be parking along the length of McCartney Crescent and Goddard
    Street (oval sides only). With better parking facilities and better parking management than is presently in-place (especially on Perth Football Club game days), Lathlain Park can host all the cars required.

    How will all the traffic be managed?

    Before any site works begin, a Traffic Management Plan will set out construction traffic routes, hours of operation, notification periods, appropriate signage and much more. Traffic Management experts have already determined that once the site is fully redeveloped, there will be only a small change in traffic numbers and patterns. It is anticipated there will be between 150 – 200 extra vehicle trips in the 7.30am – 8.30am peak period and between 100-150 extra vehicle trips in the 4.30pm – 5.30pm peak period.

    Is the former bowls club site now part of the project?

    The land known as the former Carlisle Lathlain Bowling Club site is not part of the project. It is being discussed at community workshops, for the development of the Lathlain Park Management Plan, as community members have asked for it to be included in discussions due to its proximity to Lathlain Park. 

    In August 2015, Council resolved that the site be retained as neighbourhood public open space to meet the needs of the surrounding areas of Carlisle and Lathlain.

    Part of this site will be used temporarily for Perth Football Club game day parking, next season. (It will not be used by the West Coast Eagles or their contractors during construction and site works for the two ovals and new facilities.)

    We welcome your ideas on this topic.

    Where can I get more information and keep informed as the project progresses?

    To be involved in community workshops and online engagement for the zones on Lathlain Park, the Equitable Access Zone and the former Bowls Club site visit yourthoughts.victoriapark.wa.gov.au.
    (Please note that you will need to register and create a log in).

    Please contact the Town of Victoria Park on 08 9311 8111, visit the Lathlain website at lathlainprecinct.com.au or send enquiries to us on our dedicated project email address at lathlainprecinct@vicpark.wa.gov.au

    Who can I contact during the construction of the two ovals?

    Should you have any concerns relating to noise, dust or other matters that may occur during construction then please note the following contact details:

    • Pawel Tarasewicz – Project Manager for BCL Group – 0428 111 546; or
    • Council’s Environmental Health Officers – 9311 8111.