How long do we have to complete our workshops?

    All feedback must be received by Sunday 9 May 2021.

    How long will the sessions run for?

    We estimate that a DIY workshop would be approximately two hoursThese two hours could be spread out in multiple sessions based on the availability of your workshop participants. 

    Do I have to complete all the survey sections in one go?

    You can complete the individual sections at a time that suits you, however all sections must be completed no later than Sunday 9 May 2021.

    Can I make an appointment to see a VicVision team member before I host my workshops to get tips and tricks?

    Yes. Please contact the team at or call 08 9311 8111 to book an appointment or have a chat over the phone. 

    Can I participate in more than one option i.e. workshop and individual?

    Yes you can. Visit the other adventure options for information on how to participate.