Effective participation

The workshop in a box works best when people feel free to respectfully say what’s on their minds without being judged. They need to know that there are no right or wrong things to say and that everyone ideas are valuable. These guidelines are designed to create a framework for positive contribution.

  1. Listen to and respect all points of view. Conversation isn’t just talking. It’s talking and listening. In a small group you’ll be listening more than you’ll be talking. By focusing on listening, you also benefit from the variety of ideas around the table.
  2. Others will have a different point of view from you and by encouraging an atmosphere of acceptance people will be more likely to share their views.
  3. Seek to understand rather than persuade.
  4. Look for new insights by asking questions. These workshops are designed to expose us to new ideas or possible even see old ideas in a new way.
  5. Speak from your heart and personal experience. We want to hear what’s important to you, not just your opinions on data you’ve collected. Relate your ideas or reports to your personal experience.
  6. Go for honesty and depth but make sure everyone has a chance to speak.
  7. Everyone should have a chance to contribute.

Consultation has concluded

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