What is a Strategic Community Plan?

    The Strategic Community Plan outlines community long-term vision, values, aspirations and priorities, with reference to other local government plans, information and resourcing capabilities.

    More information is available on the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries website.

    How many sessions do I have to attend?

    Three sessions have been planned, with participation in the VicVision Forum being optional. Any additional sessions will be organised in consultation with participants.

    What is the length of each session?

    Each session will run for approximately three hours. The VicVision Forum is scheduled to run for three hours, followed by a celebration of the efforts of participants.

    What are the location of the sessions?

    The workshops are being held at the Town of Victoria Park administration building located at 99 Shepperton Road, Victoria Park.

    Will catering be included?

    A light supper will be provided at the beginning of each workshop session.

    Do I have to register to attend these sessions?

    Yes. All participants of the workshop session must have registered prior.

    If the WA State Government decides to lock down due to COVID-19 health requirements, how will the Town continue the full package workshop option?

    Should this occur, the Town will follow instructions provided by the WA Government and consultation will take place with workshop participants with the opportunity to move all face to face engagement to an online forum.

    Can I participate in more than one option i.e. workshop and individual?

    Yes. Workshop series participants are free to also contribute to the survey and participatory budgeting options however, the questions for each option have been designed to provide consistent information.