What is the LGBTQI community and what does is stand for?

    LGBTQI is an internationally recognised acronym used to describe lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer/questioning people collectively.

    • Lesbians refers to women who is primarily emotionally and sexually attracted to other women
    • Gay refers to a person who is primarily emotionally and sexually attracted to people of the same sex. The term is most commonly applied to men, although some women use this term.
    • Bisexual refers to a person who is emotionally and sexually attracted to people of their own gender and other genders.
    • Trans or transgender refers to a person whose gender identity is different to that assigned by birth.
    • Queer refers to a person with an alternative sexual or gender identity. It is also something used as an umbrella term to include in LGBTQI people. For some, queer has a negative connotation due to past uses of the term and historical experiences of discrimination. However, in recent years, this term has been re-appropriated by the LGBTQI community and is now used by many in LGBTQI communities in an empowering way.
    • Intersex refers to a person born with genetic, hormonal or physical sex characteristics that do not fit typical binary notions or make of female bodies. A person who is intersex may identify as male, female, intersex or as being of indeterminate sex.

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    How large is the Town's LGBTQI community?

    There is little quality data available on the demographics of the LGBTQI community in the Town of Victoria Park, nevertheless, LGBTQI people are a part of every Western Australia community and local government area. 

    What is the council resolution?

    That Council

    1. Approves the CEO to undertake initiatives that celebrate, recognise and support an inclusive and connected community as part of, and during, Perth’s 2018 pride month (PrideFEST 2018) which include:

    • Supporting the Know Your Community initiative - LGBTIQ Family Friendly BBQ;
    • Undertaking community consultation and engagement relating to the Town hosting or supporting a larger community event in 2019/20
    • Investigating sponsorship opportunities with Pride Western Australia (WA) for the PrideFEST 2018 program
    • Identifying zebra pedestrian crossings within the Town, and investigate painting them rainbow colours for the duration of PrideFEST 2018 (3 November – 24 November 2018)

    2.  Approves the flying of the Rainbow Flag from the flagpole that currently flies the Town of Victoria Park Flag, at the Town’s administration Building, for the duration of PrideFEST 2018 (3 November – 24 November 2018).

    3.  Approves the flying of rainbow banners on Town-owned masts for the duration of PrideFEST 2018 (3 November – 24 November 2018)

    4.  Requests an evaluation report of events, activities and community consultation, conducted by the Town during PrideFEST 2018, be presented to the Community Development Committee in February 2019.

    What are you asking the community?

    We are seeking community input into what role you think local government should play in supporting the LGBTQI community and what this could potentially look like.

    How can i get involved?

    There are a number of ways you can share your thoughts:

    • Attend a pop up event
    • Complete a community survey
    • Ask a question and we will respond