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5 months ago

Ask questions, create conversations or suggest ideas you might have in regards to the Town’s Urban Forest Strategy.

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  • Peter Melrosa 3 months ago
    For all the people who refuse to have a street tree there are many who want more than one. Why do people only get one street tree for their verge? If they want more, they should be able to have more. Most verges can comfortably fit 3 trees or even four. When residents are keen to help increase the canopy and are prepared to water and tend to more trees this should be encouraged. Please change the rules.
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    • Admin Commented pquesnel 3 months ago
      Hi Peter. I am not sure what rule you are referring to? Definitely agree with you though. If you point me in the direction of said rule I will investigate. We need to encourage as many people as possible to have as many trees as possible. Thanks, Pierre
  • Gerard about 1 month ago
    What is the status of ToVP establishing Tree Preservation regulations for private property. There are shires in NSW, such a Hornsby, where such have been in place for over 40 years with significant benefits for the community of living an attractive, leafy, green environment, without detriment to developers and property owners.
  • ianbrears 2 months ago
    It should be made mandatory to have AT LEAST ONE verge tree in front of every house. The streets and verges are the responsibility of the council for use by ALL citizens, not just the owner of the house. A home-owner has no ability to remove or prune a verge tree so why is it they can deny having one planted? The lack of CANOPY street trees around the town is criminal for an are as old as Vic Park. Most footpaths have very little shade in the summer, forcing people to stay indoors and removing the sense of community. It also makes house prices lower, makes areas hotter and reduces the amount of native wildlife. MAKE IT MANDATORY

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    • Admin Commented pquesnel about 2 months ago
      Hi Ian, obviously I agree with how important trees are. Some members of the community are not as far along this journey as others and the real and/or perceived negative impacts can cause stress. Ultimately a policy like you have proposed would be driven by the elected members who represent the community as the decision makers. What the UFS team has been tasked to do is to keep a strong communication campaign to bring awareness of the vital benefits of trees. Hopefully this will lead to less verge tree refusals for our planting programs and more requests for street trees from residents via our Street Tree Request program. Thanks also for the chat last week, cheers.
  • DParks about 2 months ago
    The railway side on Bank Street (between oat and mint) needs to be reviewed. On route to work today I noticed large shrubs starting to encroach over the road, and noticed a few trees that seem dead/ or incredibly dry (potentially a fire hazard in summer?) Is there opportunity to review this side of the road by the train track?
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    • Admin Commented pquesnel about 2 months ago
      Hi, This sounds like a good project with multiple benefits. On the important links section of this Urban Forest Community page (on the right hand side) is an Important Links section. one of these links is called "Urban Forest Project Proposals" this will take you to an easy online form to fill out and submit. This project will then be reviewed for potential inclusion as one of our UFS Implementation Projects. Thanks for your support and this great suggestion.
  • frogziii 3 months ago
    I couldn't get a pin to drop-but thought some succession planting of the mature gum trees around Higgins Park/Fred Bell Reserve would be nice. I agree with below post-having more than one street tree would be amazing-one idea could be to do this with Etwell St-going from Harold Rossiter reserve-planting up Etwell st-with lots around the restaurants at the top of the hill, continuing up to & including around Higgins Park.
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    • Admin Commented pquesnel 3 months ago
      Hi, Yes love the ideas.
      Higgins Park is undergoing a master plan process and has increasing tree canopy (and therefore succession planning) as one of its objectives. Similarly Etwell Street local centre (the shops on the hill) has had a concept plan created and is currently in the detailed design stage. The Etwell street local centre project also includes tree canopy increase as an objective, and more specifically an aim to increase shade to pedestrian areas. The length of Etwell Street would also be a good candidate for a Street Tree planting program. This year we have focused the street tree program (Vic Park Leafy Streets) around train stations and streets adjoining Albany Hwy but this could be a good one for next year. Thanks