What are the proposed parking changes?

    The Town is proposing to formalise on street parking to improve safety for all users of Technology Park Bentley. The type of arrangement to be implemented will be determined via community consultation.

    What data has been used to determine parking occupation and proposed changes to parking?

    The data used to derive parking statistics for this area has been video footage of the area taken on seven different occasions between 9 October and 6 November 2015.

    What is the Town's aim from this review?

    It is the aim of the Town of Victoria Park through the objectives of the Parking Management Plan to provide fair and reasonable car parking to all legitimate users of Technology Park.

    Will verge restrictions be put in place?

    Verge restrictions may be put in place to improve road safety by reducing the number of potential reversing movements out onto the road. Additionally, many businesses have placed signs on the verge disallowing parking in an attempt to reduce damage to their vegetated verges and the Town supports this attempt to improve amenity.

    How do the proposed changes improve and/or affect safety?

    There are several problems with the current parking situation of vehicles parking on private property. Some of these are:

    • Vehicles sliding down the embankments causing an extreme hazard to pedestrians.

    • Infrastructure such as footpaths being damaged and broken by vehicles accessing the embankment to park. This creates a hazardous environment for pedestrians whilst also adding a cost to the ratepayers of the Town.

    • Damage to reticulation and other infrastructure that the Department of Commerce has to maintain and repair. This may also cause tripping hazards to pedestrians.

    What will be the impact to surrounding residential areas?

    Some of the residential streets surrounding Technology Park, particularly north of Jarrah Road, may be impacted by motorists using this area to park their vehicle as an alternative to parking in Technology Park. This effect will be monitored and if a problem arises then time limited parking will be introduced into the affected streets.

    What are the alternatives to driving my car to work?

    There are several buses that service this area:

    • Thirty bus movements between 6.20am and 9am in Hayman Road using bus services 34, 70 and 100.

    • Three bus movements between 7.35am and 8.53am in Jarrah Road using bus service 284. Note: there is reportedly a low demand for this service which is reflected in its frequency.

    End of trip facilities in this area are poor. Is there a plan to upgrade them?

    The Town has been undertaking upgrades and installation to footpaths in this area for some time. Recent upgrades and installs have occurred on Sarich Way, Parker Place and Brodie Hall Drive between Turner Avenue and De Laeter Way. It is proposed to install footpaths in all roads under the footpath installation program. Jarrah Road has recently been upgraded to incorporate a cycle path along its entire length.

    Are there any future plans for Technology Park that may affect parking?

    This area combined with Curtin University is currently the subject of a structure plan called the Bentley-Curtin Activity Centre Structure Plan. This plan is being prepared by the Department of Planning and is likely to result in an increase in density and the type of uses allowed in this area in the future. Additionally, parking caps are likely to be introduced which will set a hard limit on the number of allowable car spaces in this area. It is proposed that public transport will shoulder the load in the future.

    What is the difference between one side of road parking and staggered parking?

    Most of the roads in Technology Park are a little over seven metres wide. This width does not provide parking on both sides of the road while allowing two-way traffic flow. Because of this, parking can either be restricted to one side of the road to allow traffic to flow or parking can be staggered. Staggered parking is where cars can park on both sides of the street but not directly opposite each other. This increases visibility for drivers (line of sight) as well as create space for cars to give way to each other.