What is a Strategic Community Plan

    The Strategic Community Plan is the principal strategy and planning document that reflects community long-term vision, values, aspirations and priorities.

    How was the plan developed?

    The single most important aspect of preparing this Plan was to genuinely engage the community about their wants and needs. With this in mind, the following was completed: 

    1. A pre-engagement process (known as Evolve) beginning in November 2015 and finishing in November 2016 that involved four surveys (with approximately 500 responses), one hundred workshops (with approximately 350 people contributing 2,700 participant hours), pop-up engagement activities (with 160 people contributing) and digital online engagement 
    2. Content analysis of the information collected through the pre-engagement process
    3. Preparation of a draft Strategic Community Plan using the results of the content analysis 
    4. Formal engagement of the draft Strategic Community Plan over a six-week period
    5. Review of submissions and modifications made to the draft Strategic Community Plan

    Will the Town be seeking broad input from the communty?

    The Town will obtain broad public feedback if the Strategic Community Plan document is altered. This will be in the form of a public comment period.

    How often is the Strategic Community Plan reviewed?

    The development and review of a Strategic Community Plan (SCP) is a statutory requirement of the State Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting FrameworkThe Local Government Act requires the SCP to have a minor review every two years and a full review every four years to ensure it's relevance and responsiveness.

    How do you monitor and review the Strategic Community Plan?

    The Town monitors and reviews the progress of the Strategic Community Plan via the Town’s Corporate Business Plan, Annual Report and community engagement.