What portion of Rutland Avenue is proposed to be converted to One-Way?

    From Gallipoli Street to Midgley Street (Southbound lane will remain open, Northbound lane to be converted to cycle path).

    What is the desirable traffic volume of a local road?

    Local access roads such as Rutland and Gallipoli have a maximum desirable volume of 3000 vehicles per day.

    What were the average speeds during the trial? Did they differ from before the trial?

    Average speeds during the trial were lower along Rutland and Gallipoli than pre trial data. Please refer to the attached data for exact figures for each road.

    How many cyclists use Rutland Avenue?

    Rutland Avenue is a popular cycle route, linking Welshpool Road to Great Eastern Highway along the Armadale trainline.

    Our pre-trial data showed a daily average of 163 cyclists travelling along Rutland Avenue (from Midgley Street to Gallipoli Street) on weekdays.

    During the one-way trial, where the northbound lane of Rutland Avenue was used as a cycle lane, daily cycle volumes on weekdays increased to an average of 207.

    Many community members provided feedback during the one-way trial stating that they noticed the northbound cycle lane used by runners, walkers, and families, in addition to cyclists.

    The Town recently approved construction on Rutland Avenue. Is this in the proposed one-way area?

    No, the recently approved construction tender relates to Stage 1 of the final section of the Shared Path, between Miller Street overpass and Victoria Park Train Station.

    If the road is to be widened to accommodate the path construction, how many mature trees over 3m in height are to be removed?

    Five are scheduled for removal and a number of other trees will have their structural root zones heavily impacted and will need further assessment to determine whether they require removal.

    Will these mature trees be retained if a one way-street is implemented?

    Yes, all mature trees north of Gallipoli Street along the eastern side of Rutland Avenue would be retained. Bottle brush trees along PTA fence line will be removed to construct the path regardless as the site is constrained and these are not appropriate plantings.

    Under the current design, what is the proposed road width? Are there any similar streets within the Town that are similar widths?

    Under the current approach (not the one-way proposal), the road width between Gallipoli Street and Midgley Street will be reduced from 6.1m to 5.5m.

    Streets in the Town with similar road widths include:

    • Cavendish Way, Victoria Park: 5.6m width
    • Heirisson Way, Victoria Park: 5.5m width

    If the road widening occurs, how much verge width will Rutland Residents be left with?

    Remaining verges will range between 3-4m in width, of which a new 1.5m concrete footpath will be constructed. The remaining verge area will contain all relocated underground services and new street lights.

    Was the Average traffic volume along Gallipoli consistent over the 2 weeks of the trial?

    Traffic along Gallipoli reduced by an average of 200 vehicles per day from the first week of the trial to the second week.

    Where can I access the detailed traffic counts for each site?

    The full traffic counts can be viewed here.