What is an original dwelling?

    An original dwelling is an existing dwelling on a site, generally constructed prior to 1945, that is the first dwelling to be constructed on the site and is considered to make a positive contribution to the streetscape due to its architectural form and character.

    Is my property in the Residential Character Study Area (RCSA) and is my house an original dwelling?

    A map of the Residential Character Study Area has been uploaded in the document library on this page. The map details the boundaries of the Residential Character Study Area, with the properties that are shaded containing an original dwelling.

    If you require further information, please visit the Town’s IntraMaps map portal. Use the ‘Address Search’ button, and then choose ‘Property Planning Enquiry’ from the list of Modules on the top left hand box.

    What is Amendment 73?

    Until October 2015, development approval was required from the Town to demolish a dwelling in the RCSA or to undertake most building works including new dwellings and additions or alterations to existing dwellings. Applications for development approval were assessed by the Town in accordance with the Town’s Local Planning Policy (LPP25) ‘Streetscape’ and other planning documents, with the Town considering the impact of the proposal on the streetscape character prior to either approving or refusing the application.

    Since October 2015, State Planning Regulations have been operating which have exempted certain forms of development from development approval. Development approval is no longer required for demolition of a single dwelling, or the construction of a single house complying the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes). This has impacted upon the ability of the Town to protect and maintain the character of the area, and has resulted in the demolition of a number of original dwellings from the RCSA. 

    There is concern that the further demolition of original dwellings and the construction of new development not in keeping with the streetscape character has the potential to erode the quality of the RCSA.

    The intent of Amendment 73 was to reinstate the requirement for development approval that existed prior to October 2015, through the designation of the RCSA as a special control area. As a special control area, the exemptions under the regulations for demolition, and additions to or construction of a single house (where compliant with the R-Codes) would no longer apply, and would therefore be subject to the dwelling retention and design requirements of Council’s LPP25 ‘Streetscape’

    What was the outcome of Amendment 73 review?

    As a result of community consultation, Council resolved to modify Amendment 73 by removing the need for development approval for demolition of a dwelling in the RCSA, or the construction of a new dwelling or additions to an existing dwelling. 

    Further details on the Council’s consideration of Amendment 73, and the community feedback received, can be obtained from the document titled 'Minutes of Ordinary Council Meeting dated 12 September 2017' relating to Amendment 73

    Amendment 73 was refused by the Minister for Planning, Lands and Heritage.

    Given this outcome the Town considers the issue to be ongoing and is keen to best identify the wishes of the broader community. 

    Why did the Town seek further comment after Amendment 73?

    While Council received 69 public submissions when Amendment 73 was advertised for public comments, there is scope for much greater feedback that provides a more comprehensive representative sampling. As such, the Town is seeking to understand the broader views of the community.

    When Council resolved to modify Amendment 73 at its meeting on 12 September 2017, it also resolved to appoint a consultant to undertake a comprehensive community engagement project, and review of the Town’s existing planning policies to identify the wishes of the community with respect to the retention of dwellings and the issue of character generally in the RCSA.

    What will happen with my survey results?

    Survey results will be analysed and reported to the Town’s Elected Members. The survey results will then be taken into consideration when compiling the final report before the report is presented to the Town.

    Will the community be invited to provide feedback on the draft recommendations report?

    Yes, members of the community who provided submissions on the first round of consultation will be asked asked to provide further feedback on the draft recommendations report prepared by Element WA.

    After the draft recommendation report consulation, will the community be provided any further opportunity to comment on the review?

    There will be no further opportunity to provide comment on the recommendations.