What is the requirement to be eligible for inclusion on the Town’s list of prominent women?

    To be eligible for inclusion on the Town’s list of prominent women, the criteria for large memorials in Policy 111 Commemorative Recognition applies.

    Large memorials as defined in Policy 111 are: 

    1. monuments, such as fountains, statues or public artworks (of a commemorative nature), etc., 
    2. naming of Town facilities and/or buildings, 
    3. naming of parks and/or reserves; and 
    4. naming of roads, lanes and rights-of-way.

    Applications must meet ONE or more of criteria a) through f), and MUST MEET criteria g) and h).

    1. The subject of the memorial (person, organisation or event) resided /was based in the Town of Victoria Park for more than 20 years;
    2. The subject of the memorial contributed more than 20 years of their life towards the development of the Town of Victoria Park.
    3. The subject of the memorial contributed to three (3) or more sectors of a community, e.g. sport, educations, arts, culture, youth etc.
    4. The subject achieved role-model status in the wider community or achieved national or international recognition.
    5. The subject demonstrated outstanding levels of civic service for more than 20 years.
    6. The subject donated significant property or funds for community benefit.
    7. That no other memorial to the same subject exists at the proposed location or other area of the Town of Victoria Park unless there are exceptional circumstances approved by Council. 
    8. Other than under exceptional circumstances approved by Council, the subject of the memorial (i.e. person nominated) shall be deceased.
    9. Applications initially approved by the Town may be put out to community consultation, where relevant, according to Town policy, to provide information, to enable feedback and advice on a large memorial.

    What are we seeking from the community?

    1. The community to add any information, documents about, photographs of the women already listed

    2. The community to nominate a woman not already listed by completing the Commemorative Recognition Application Form (large memorials) online.

    When did this go to council and what was the resolution?

    On 21 May 2019 a notice of motion was raised and Council resolved that Council requests the investigation of the naming of parks and/or reserves after women who have made a significant contribution to the Town, and indigenous people, and presents a report back to Council at its August 2019 Ordinary Council Meeting.

    On 20 August 2019 at it's Ordinary Council Meeting,council resolved to:

    1. Notes the preliminary list of prominent women, with the inclusion of Elizabeth Baillie, who have been identified as having made a significant contribution to the Town for the purposes of renaming/naming parks and or reserves in their honour. 

    2. Notes the preliminary list of parks and or reserves suitable for renaming. 

    3. Accepts that the Aboriginal Engagement Advisory Group will undertake a well-planned and considered engagement process with the broader Indigenous community elders to provide a list of prominent Aboriginal people, places and names of endemic flora and fauna to have parks and or reserves named or renamed after them. 

    4. Advertises the preliminary list of prominent women to the community for further suggestions of names for naming/renaming parks and or reserves. 

    5. Requests that Chief Executive Officer present a report to Council following the community consultation.