What has the Town done in this space before?

    Historically the Town itself has explored environmentally sustainability in events run or supported by the Town. In 2016 the Town piloted a Sustainability Fair.  This event was the first of its kind to focus on sustainability and to be run sustainably The Town has also established as a part of core business other environmental sustainability initiatives related to events, such as non-permissible balloon releases and a policy banning single-use plastic and polystyrene on Town land or at Town events.

    What is the aim of the policy?

    The aim of the policy is to reduce waste, improve resource recovery and promote sustainable transport options for events coordinated or approved by the Town of Victoria Park.  

    What was the council resolution in 2019

    At the 17 December 2019 Council meeting, the following resolution was passed: 

    That Council:
    1. Requests the Policy Committee to investigate the merits of a Sustainable Events policy and provide a recommendation back to Council. 
    2. Requests the Chief Executive Officer to present a report to the Policy Committee to assist the Committee with recommendation 1 by June 2020. 

    I have some concerns relating to the draft policy. Who can i contact?

    Please contact Brendan Nock on 08 9311 8111 to discuss the draft or if you have any queries.

    If this policy is adopted, will a management practice or guide be developed?

    Yes a management practice and/or a guide will be developed if adopted.