How often do the playgrounds get upgraded?

    The Town has an upgrade schedule of each playground every 10 years, however this may change according to each playground’s condition.

    Why are some playgrounds fenced and others are not?

    The Town has a number of playgrounds that are fenced and non-fenced. This is based on location, available budget and customer requests.

    Are playgrounds accessible to all?

    Unfortunately no. The Town is working towards a more inclusive and accessible approach for playgrounds. Where possible the Town installs features which allow for a range of different physical abilities.

    Are dogs allowed in playgrounds?

    At the Town of Victoria Park we absolutely love dogs, however not in the playground area. Playgrounds are a safe and fun place for all children, plus it helps with the clean up of sand and soft fall.

    How can I be involved in the design of a playground?

    The Town undertakes community consultation where there is an opportunity to share your thoughts during the planning phase of a playground. You can share your thoughts by completing a survey on the specific park, or by contacting the Parks Department on 08 9311 8111 or email

    How are playground upgrades prioritised and what determines the extent of upgrades?

    Upgrades are prioritised based on condition audits, service requests, community feedback and budget.

    Where can I find more information about playgrounds?

    There is a number of ways you can find more information about our parks, reserves and playgrounds: