What changes to the local planning framework are proposed by Scheme Amendment 90, and why?

    The proposed changes are to:

    • amend Town Planning Scheme No. 1 (TPS1) by modifying the permissibility of some land uses within the Zoning Table, and
    • make associated amendments to Local Planning Policy No. 32 - ‘Exemptions from Development Approval’.

    These proposed changes are in response to unintended outcomes following the introduction of amendments to the State-wide Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2015, relating to change of land use proposals and the assessment of car parking.

    The proposed modifications to the TPS1 Zoning Table seek to limit the risk of the current situation where some intensive land uses categorised as a ‘P’ (permitted) use in the Zoning Table are exempt from requiring development approval and any level of planning assessment.

    What are the proposed land use changes to the Zoning Table?

    P = Permitted Use

    AA = Discretionary Use

    X = Prohibited Use

    Why are revisions to Local Planning Policy 32 proposed?

    The concurrent revision to ‘Council’s Local Planning Policy No. 32 Exemptions from Development Approval’ proposes to balance streamlining the approval process and reducing ‘red tape’ by continuing to allow exemptions to remain in place for some lower intensity land uses. The revisions to the policy can be viewed in the Document Library (see right hand panel on project consultation page).

    Who are the decision-makers?

    Amendment 90 to Town Planning Scheme No.1 will ultimately be determined by the Minister for Planning. Following this decision, the Town of Victoria Park Council will make a decision on the proposed revisions to 'Local Planning Policy 32 - Exemptions from Development Approval'.