What is a parklet?

    A parklet is a public space. It is a temporary moveable structure, generally located within parking bays, which provide publicly accessible seating and amenities for the community.

    Parklets encourage people to linger longer and can create a point of interest within the street scene for residents and tourists.

    What is an alfresclet?

    An ‘alfresclet’ is just like a parklet, however, alfresclets can offer table service and can be licensed by the host business. 

    Who can apply for a parklet/alfresclet?

    Any business, property owner, not-for-profit/community group can apply to host a parklet or alfresclet. 

    How long does a parklet/alfresclet permit last?

    Hosted parklets and alfresclets permits usually have a 24 month permit period. However, the Host may apply for a renewal of the permit, prior to the permit expiring. 

    Who can use a parklet or alfresclet?

    A parklet/alfresclet is a public space that can be enjoyed by everyone: neighbours, residents, and tourists.  It is not private property, and it is not limited to the customers of the parklet/alfresclet Host, or surrounding businesses. 

    Who pays for the construction and installation of a parklet or alfresclet?

    The parklet/alfresclet Host will be responsible for all the costs associated for the construction, installation, maintenance and removal of the parklet/alfresclet. Hosted parklets and alfresclets are private projects developed by businesses or community groups that wish to provide public amenities and expand the useable space in front of their store, café or community facility. 

    Are parklets or alfresclets permanent structures?

    No, Parklets and alfresclets are temporary structures that are capable of being removed, if required for maintenance or in the event of an emergency.

    What if a building owner or tenant does not want a parklet/alfresclet in front of their business?

    A hosted parklet/alfresclet is a voluntary installation. It is recommended prior to applying for your parklet/alfresclet that you consult with your adjoining neighbours to discuss your proposal.

    An owner or tenant seeking to host a parklet/alfresclet will be required to apply with Town of Victoria Park, and the Town will notify and consult adjoining owners and businesses of the proposal to host a parklet/alfresclet.

    What about people with mobility challenges like wheelchairs? Will parklets and alfresclets be accessible?

    Parklets and alfresclets must enable access for persons with mobility challenges. 

    It will be up to the parklet/alfresclet host to determine how access for wheel chairs or prams can be achieved within their design.

    Do parklets/alfresclets require community support for approval?

    Each application for a parklet/alfresclet will be assessed on their merits in terms of design, safety, impact on services and infrastructure, as well as their potential to contribute to or detract from the street life of their local area.

    Community support for your parklet/alfresclet will benefit your application greatly, as parklets and alfresclets are primarily spaces for the community to use and enjoy.

    Can every business/building have a parklet or alfresclet?

    The Town has decided not to set limits on the number of parklets/alfresclets that are allowed within a street or neighbourhood.  Some locations are more suitable than others to host a parklet/alfresclet. 

    To ensure that parklets/alfresclets are appropriately located and contribute to the street life of the community, the Town has formulated an assessment criterion for parklet/alfresclet applications.  Each application will be assessed based on the merits of the proposal and its compliance with the assessment criteria set out within the  Management Practice. 

    Where can I get more information?

    If you are interested in hosting a parklet/alfresclet, you can contact the Place Planning Team who can help you determine if your site is suitable to host a parklet/alfresclet, and what the requirements will be. 

    The Place Planning Team can be contacted on 9311 8111.