What is the aim of the project?

    The aim of the project is to upgrade and reconfigure the public realm at the Etwell Street Local Centre. It is hoped this public realm upgrade will improve the experience business environment to make the centre an important public space for the local community.

    What is the time frame for the project?

    Following public comment on the draft concept plan, the Town will be seeking council adoption on the final plan. If council resolves to adopt the concept plan, we will then dive into the detailed design in early 2020. Following this process, we hope to source funding for the construction by the end of that financial year.

    What tree species have been proposed?

    The concept plan does not specify any tree species. However it provides the direction for the tree planting to be focused on improving the experience of pedestrians in the centre, particularly through the provision of shade. A broad canopy shade providing species will be selected during the detailed design stage.

    The imagery in the posters, postcard and artist impression is an example of what the space can look like.

    Is anything planned for the vacant site on the corner of Etwell and Northampton Street?

    No. The vacant site is private land. It is hoped that a high quality public realm will encourage high quality development of this site.

    Is there an opportunity to provide further feedback in the design after public comment has closed?

    The Town has developed the draft in colloboration with the community over a six month period. This round of consultation is the final opportunity for the community to provide feedback.