What is 'Old Places, New Spaces'

    'Old Places, New Spaces' is a public realm upgrade program focusing on renewing, upgrading and invigorating existing public places within the Town and making them inviting and active spaces for greater community benefit. The initiative came as a result of a notice of motion being endorsed by Council requesting the CEO to;

    Investigate alternative options for the use of the laneways and intersections along Albany Highway between Teddington Street and Westminster Street and prepare a report about the possible alternative uses for any identified laneways and intersections which could ultimately be trialled to gauge feedback from the community and businesses.

    Since the initial motion and subsequent investigation, the Town decided to widen the scope of the program to include all public realm spaces within the Town. This will enable the team to deliver a wider range of successful upgrade projects.

    Where is the next Old Places, New Spaces project?

    The Town is exploring a number of options for the next 'Old Places, New Spaces' project. If you have a suggestion please feel free to share your idea by dropping a pin on our online mapping tool.