Who makes the decision on the final concept design?

    The Town of Victoria Park Council has the ultimate decision regarding the final concept design. Feedback from the community will be provided to the Council to assist them with making their decisions.

    What can the public influence in the concept design process?

    The community can influence the design elements within each of the individual zones. The community can also provide guidance on the location of each of the activities in the zone, being the pump track, flow and plaza areas.

    What community engagement was undertaken during the preparation of the concept plan?

    1. Onsite workshop event
    2. Digital and hard copy survey to build on the workshop feedback
    3. Digital and hard copy submissions sought on the first draft concept
    4. Pop up engagement conversations at the Christmas Farmers Market
    5. Public comment on the final draft - Current

    How does this project relate to the Towns Foreshore Access and Management Plan?

    In 2015, the Town developed a Foreshore Access and Management Plan to ensure that the foreshore was managed in a holistic way. The Taylor Reserve and McCallum Park concept was directly informed by the plan and so will directly guide how the Town proceeds with the detailed design.