What is happening at John Macmillan Park?

    The Town is undertaking an upgrade project in an area of John Macmillan Park outside of the library along Sussex Street. This project will aim to:
    • Respond to evolving community needs within the area.
    • Make public space active and work for the community.
    • Make the area a multi-functional place.
    • Reduce anti-social behaviour.
    • Revitalise assets and spaces.

    What upgrades are being proposed in the concept plan?

    The project was approved by Council to deliver all of the proposed works in the concept plan in a single delivery stage. These works are grouped in the following zones:

    Amphitheatre and Toilet
    This area consists of the following major upgrades:
    1. Demolition of existing toilet block and removal of limestone retaining;
    2. Newly constructed toilet block;
    3. New landscaping, hardscaping and pathways; and
    4. New seating and benches;
    Reading Nook
    This area consists of the following major upgrades:
    1. New landscaping and pathways; 
    2. Relocation of free little library; and 
    3. New reading and learning area.
    Nature Play Zone
    This area consists of the following major upgrades:
    1. Demolition of existing playground;
    2. New nature play elements;
    3. New disability and accessibility friendly play elements;
    4. New landscaping and pathways; and
    5. New seating, benches and drinking fountain.
    Basketball Zone
    This area consists of the following major upgrades:
    1. New halfcourt basketball court;
    2. Relocation of table tennis table; and
    3. New hardscaping and pathways.
    This area consists of the following major upgrades:
    1. Reconfiguration of car park for easier access.
    2. New landscaping and trees; 
    3. Addition of ACROD parking; and
    4. New pathways.

    When will the John Mactivation construction works start?

    Construction works will commence in Mid-April 2019 and be completed by 30 June 2019.

    What impact will the works have on the park during construction?

    During the construction phase the project site area will inaccessible by the public.The site area includes the existing toilet block, grassed area outside of the library, playground and the car parking at John Macmillan Park and partial car parking along Sussex Street. Please see the map in the the document library for further information.

    Will pedestrian access be maintained around the park?

    Pedestrian access will be maintained around the perimeter of the site fencing between the Library and John Macmillan Park to ensure pedestrians can still access the Library, Leisurelife, the Park Centre Shopping Centre and other areas of John Macmillan Park.

    Please note that wheelchair access will be restricted around the site and it is recommended that wheelchair users access Leisurelife, Sunday Farmers Markets and John Macmillan Park from Kent Street, with parking available at either the Bowls Club or Leisurelife Centre.

    Are any trees being removed as part of the works?

    No trees are planned to be removed during this project. As part of the project works the Contractor will be planting approximately 47 new trees and approximately 580 new shrubs and plants in the area. As part of the works the Town will also be undertaking some routine maintenance on the trees including pruning the lower canopy to allow for more natural lighting and space under the trees.

    Are Leisurelife and the Town Library still open during construction?

    Yes! Both the Library and Leisurelife will still be in normal operation during the construction phase. Access to these facilities will not be restricted by the works.

    Are the Sunday Farmers Markets still operating in the park during construction?

    The Sunday Farmers Markets will still be operating in John Macmillan Park during the construction phase. They will be set up on the Kent Street side of the park near the Leisurelife car parking area.

    How did the community contribute to the design?

    An engagement process took place in April 2018 to allow the community to contribute to the design elements of the concept plan. The Town provided the community with a list of design components and asked the community to rank the most valued. This was completed on a number of pop up engagements on-site, farmers markets and online. We also asked if we had missed anything.

    After the engagement period closed the project team collated the results and this formed part of the concept design scope. We are now seeking public comment on the draft concept plans.

    What will happen to the other areas of the park?

    At this stage no plans have been made for further upgrades works to be completed in John Macmillan Park. However, if you feel like more needs to be done feel free to let us know.

    How is this project being funded?

    The capital works tender was approved by Council at the December OCM with a budget amendment to fund the works from the Town's Future Projects Reserve and Community Art Reserve.

    Is this the same as the town centre redevelopment?

    No. In 2015 Council resolved to not progress the advertised Town Centre Redevelopment Business Plan following the conclusion of public consultation and moved that any future action on this land will be driven by community aspirations. This project is only aiming to improve a small section of the park.