What is a Parking review?

    The Town reviews parking restrictions in identified areas. A review assesses the occupancy and useability of current parking restrictions and identifies areas that could benefit from further restrictions. The review process is completed to ensure that the most suitable restrictions are in place in the aim of providing fair and equitable parking.

    What happens to the answers from this survey?

    Once the community engagement is completed survey results are assessed in conjunction with video surveys of the area to determine if any restrictions are required and if so, if there is community support for them.

    How will this review affect parking in my area?

    The outcomes of this review may result in the implementation of parking restrictions. Residents will be informed prior to any changes being made.

    Will I get a parking permit if parking restrictions are introduced in my street?

    The Towns permit policy can be found in the document library of this Yourthoughts page. In order to obtain a parking permit it is necessary to meet the eligibility criteria. Permits are not automatically issued to residents and any vehicle parked in a street is subject to the parking restrictions surrounding it.

    How will I know the outcomes of this review?

    The Town will notify all affected resident of upcoming changes prior to implementation. However if you would like information on a specific street please email admin@vicpark.wa.gov.au with your enquiry and we'll get back to you.

    How long does a review take to complete?

    An area review can take 6 months to one year from start to implementation to complete. If you would like to know what stage a review is up to please email admin@vicpark.wa.gov.au and we'll get back to you.

    I have more to say regarding parking in my area

    The Town welcomes feedback on parking, if you have additional comments to make please email admin@vicpark.wa.gov.au

    Why is the Town reviewing the Lathlain area?

    At its meeting held on 13 November 2012, Council resolved to adopt a Parking Management Plan (Plan) to guide future parking management activities in the Town. That adopted plan was part of the Town's Integrated Movement Network Strategy (IMNS) and focused on seven parking hot spots. Since this Plan has been implement the Town has undergone significant development particularly in the Lathlain Precinct area. It is timely that a Parking Management Plan be formulated to help manage the high demand for parking spaces in this particular area.  The Lathlain Precinct is a relatively new area that is currently undergoing rapid and substantial development. 

    I live in Lathlain, why is my street not being reviewed?

    The identified streets that are currently being reviewed were chosen as a result of the Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project. Streets surrounding these areas are being assessed to assist with the provision of fair and equitable parking. If you'd like your street assessed please contact the Town at admin@vicpark.wa.gov.au and we'll get back to you. To find out more about the Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project please visit www.lathlainprecinct.com.au