Why do we need this policy?

    The purpose of the draft policy is to ensure that vehicle access for residential development within the Town does not adversely impact on neighbourhood safety and amenity while providing adequate access to residential properties.

    Minimising the number of crossovers reduces the level of conflict along busier roadways, and creates additional space for street trees, pedestrian crossings and on-street parking.

    This policy aligns with the objectives of the Town's Strategic Community Plan and Urban Forest Strategy to increase vegetation and tree canopy cover to benefit residents of the Town's urban ecosystems.

    What are the current state planning requirements?

    The State Planning Policy 7.3 Residential Design Codes Volume 1 and Volume 2 (R-Codes) apply deemed-to-comply standards to single houses, grouped dwellings and multiple dwellings with regards to design of car parking spaces and vehicular access. The draft local planning policy does not amend these standards.

    What development applications would the policy affect?

    The draft local planning policy will apply to applications for single, grouped and multiple dwellings where new access arrangements are being proposed or the existing access arrangement is being modified. Grouped dwellings and multiple dwellings are required to obtain development approval.

    Who is the final decision maker?

    Typically, the Town is the final decision maker and will be responsible for exercising the provisions of the proposed policy. 

    In instances where the Town is not the decision maker, recommendations will be made that align with the objectives and provisions of the policy.