How often is the Lathlain Park Management Plan reviewed?

    A requirement of the Management Plan is that it be subject to a regular review every 5 years after its approval. In accordance with this requirement, the Town of Victoria Park Council in 2022 resolved to undertake a review of the Management Plan.

    What is the purpose of a management plan?

    The purpose of the Lathlain Park Management Plan is to provide a framework for the development and management of Lathlain Park.

    This Management Plan incorporates non-statutory planning principles and requirements in relation to land use, access, built form, public realm, landscaping, traffic and transport and governance and management.

    What are the key changes in the revised draft Lathlain Park Management Plan?

    The revised draft Management Plan has been updated to reflect the development and growth of the park since the last plan was endorsed in 2017. Key changes in the revised draft are outlined below:

    • The addition of a new section to outline the playing of competitive matches at Lathlain Park and the associated management of impacts on the surrounding community.
    • Updated sections of the plan to reflect the current planning framework, including the Town's Parking Management Plan and Integrated Transport Strategy, and the deletion of transport strategies already implemented as part of the Zone 2 & 3 works.
    • All sections of the plan updated to reflect the current circumstances at Lathlain Park, including the completion of development at Zones 2, 3, 4 & 5. 
    • Updated aerial photography and figures.
    • Updated general public uses for Zone 1.
    • An increase in the number of Perth Football Club game days from 20 to 25, accounting for a future WAFLW team. This will still be within the total maximum number of 45 game days across both the West Coast Eagles and Perth Football Club. 
    • The introduction of greater flexibility allowing the Town and the WAPC to consider alternative uses or operations. 

    What will happen with my feedback on the draft Lathlain Park Management Plan?

    The Town's project team will analyse all feedback in relation to the draft Management Plan, which will then be considered alongside the draft Management Plan by the Town of Victoria Park Council.