Why is the library undertaking an operational review?

    Each service area with the Town of Victoria Park will undertake an operational review every five years. This is to ensure we don’t become complacent with service delivery for our customers.

    What is the overall objective of the operational review?

    • Ensure all resources, including staff and budget are maximised to reach full potential.
    • Improve service delivery to customers.
    • Review current process, procedures and policies.
    • Review analysis of current service delivery.
    • Identify what we are doing well.
    • Identify any gaps in service delivery.
    • Apply and benchmark against relevant industry trends to current service delivery.
    • Review current staffing structure.
    • Review any modifications to enable business to keep moving forward.
    • Alignment to Strategic Community Plan.
    • Take into consideration Strategic Social Infrastructure Plan.
    • Alignment to WA Public Libraries Strategy.
    • Alignment to ALIA guidelines, standards and outcome measures for Australian Public Libraries.

    What are the expected outcomes from the review?

    • Improve service delivery to customers.
    • Programs delivered are measured against qualitative outcomes.
    • Increase memberships – reaching residents who are not library users.
    • Increase in visitor numbers.

    What are the expected outputs of the review?

    To improve work practices and processes where applicable, and to provide a clear direction and strategies for the future growth and development.

    How can the community share their thoughts about the future of the library?

    There are a number of ways you can be involved or find out more information.

    • Attend one of the three community consultations sessions at the library.
    • Complete an online survey.
    • Complete a hard copy survey available at the library and administration building.
    • Share your thoughts on the community engagement wall at the library.
    • Share an idea online.

    What is the timeline for the community consultation?

    • Surveys will be available to be completed from 1-18 June 2018.
    • Community engagement sessions and splat wall will be at the library between 14-16 June 2018.