Why did the Town conduct a review of the Aqualife and Leisurelife facilities?

    The review of leisure centres was sponsored by the Town of Victoria Park’s CEO Anthony Vuleta to identify ways that our leisure centres can increase their financial sustainability and reduce the burden on ratepayers

    How was the review conducted?

    An extensive review was conducted by an independent consultant, Phillip Gray of SGL, over approximately six months. It included examination of centre operations, data collected by various sources, consulting with all levels of staff, contributions from over 350 individuals, analysis of competitors, industry trends, demographics, financials, and member database, overseen by a project team. The final report was completed and presented to the Town in December 2016

    Are the centres going to close?

    No thought has been given to closing either of the centres. The Town promotes a healthy, active lifestyle via many different programs and activities throughout the community. We are proud to run the leisure facilities, and look forward to continuing to provide these services.

    Which stage is the project at?

    The review has been completed and a report submitted with various recommendations aimed at improving efficiencies, and the financial sustainability of the leisure centres. The recommendations have been prioritised, and some of them are currently being implemented. To view the recommendations and the actions underway at the moment visit www.victoriapark.wa.gov.au/leisurefuture

    What happens next?

    Some internal changes have already been made, or are currently being rolled out. We will be asking the community to provide further input on how we can best implement some of the recommendations. If you would like to be involved, register your interest at www.vicpk.co/leisurefuture

    What are some of the key recommendations?

    There are 47 recommendations in total. Some of the key recommendations are internal and relate to staffing, processes and practices such as accounting or software for memberships. Others relate to duplication of services and may be are interrelated such as crèche and group fitness classes, under-utilised services such as the café, or demand for additional services such as squash. There is a recommendation outlining a move toward a self-service style gym with extended operating hours, with staff available at peak times. Recommendations also extended to spaces within the centres that could be better used or potentially leased. Some of these recommendations require further detailed investigation in terms of their feasibility, and the outcomes they offer for the Town and the community.

    How can I find out more?

    Keep visiting the Town’s website for up-to-date information. You can ask questions and register your interest to be further involved on the Town’s Your Thoughts page at www.vicpk.co/leisurefuture