What is Evolve?

    ‘Evolve’ is the name given to the project encompassing the Town’s major review of its Integrated Planning Reporting Framework documents. These documents include a Strategic Community Plan, a Corporate Business Plan, a Long-Term Financial Plan, an Asset Management Plan and a Workforce Plan. These documents are a statutory obligation imposed by the Department of Local Government and one that all local governments need to deliver for their communities every four years.

    What is the Integrated Planning Reporting Framework?

    The Integrated Planning Reporting Framework includes the Strategic Community Plan, a Corporate Business Plan, a Long-term Financial Plan, an Asset Management Plan and a Workforce Plan. They are long-term (normally 10 years) documents. These documents outline the aspirations, values and vision of the community. They also list service expectations, land use expectations and asset management expectations. The Strategic Community Plan informs Council’s priorities.

    For more information visit the Department of Local Government and Communities' website.

    What is the purpose of Evolve?

    The objective of the Evolve project is to find out the community’s future needs and wants for the Town by October 2016 and create a plan of action for June 2017 and beyond.

    Our desired outcome is for the Town and the community to work together to identify services and implement projects that meet the community's expectations.

    Why name this process Evolve?

    The Town’s staff developed the name Evolve to symbolise the growth of the Town, and the improved way in which the Council is engaging with the community to develop the statutory documents.

    Why ask the community?

    The Town needs to know where the community expects resources to be directed, where the resources will come from, which areas will not receive as many resources, and how projects will be undertaken etc.

    How will the Evolve public participation be different to previous community consultations?

    The major difference is the way the community will be engaged. The intention is to have the community engage by their preferred methods and in doing so will increase the participation rates of the community.

    When does public participation begin and how long will it last?

    The Evolve public participation process is planned to begin during February 2016 and run for approximately six months.

    What is Your thoughts?

    Your thoughts is the mini-site that houses the Town’s public participation projects. It is very new but over time there will be more and more opportunities for the community to engage with the Town on various projects and decisions. You can access Your Thoughts through the Town’s website or by visiting www.victoriapark.wa.gov.au/yourthoughts.

    Can I talk to someone on the project about this?

    Yes. You can email evolve@vicpark.wa.gov.au, or call 9311 8111 and ask to speak with Michael Swanepoel.