Should the Town provide support to sporting clubs?

over 3 years ago
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Sporting clubs make a significant contribution towards health, wellbeing, inclusion and the development of a community. Currently, the Town supports a number of sporting clubs, including cricket, soccer, hockey and swimming.

Do you think that the Town should provide support to sporting clubs?

If so, what type of support should the Town provide, and do you think the Town currently provides an adequate level of support? How could we improve how we support our sporting clubs?

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  • alannrees over 3 years ago
    Sporting clubs and facilities are important for community engagement, like libraries, community centers, and parks and garden they provide a much needed service. The Town of Victoria Park needs to be looking at options and strategies to support these clubs and facilities, rather than allowing to be run down due to poor management and oversight by themselves. If the Town of Victoria Park cannot see this, perhaps a merged form maybe more commercial and willing to engage and deliver.
  • Melo over 3 years ago
    Yes definitely. Clubs are going to have varying needs and function requirements. Funding and grants can allow an equal playing field and equilibrium - providing their members with quality services and coaching/ facilities/ equipment. If a club is constantly consumed with fundraising or a community centre not provided subsidised facilities for a NFP this detracts away from its primary function. As a parent I want my child to be able utilise and be part of a local club that can thrive and grow and provides her with best opportunity of her chosen sport. Hopefully TOVP can still provide that support and ensure longevity of NFP Clubs in our community.
  • Frehnejc over 3 years ago
    Yes,there should be a check to ensure that the organisation is, in fact, NFP, there are organisation saying that they are "clubs", yet if you look under the covers and do an ASIC search they are in fact privately owned entities.I also think that the support should be levelled, for example a club that operates from a clubroom at an oval has no expenses except power would require a lot less support, where as a club operating from leisurelife and aqualife are required to pay hire costs and entry fees.
  • familyfromVicPark over 3 years ago
    TOVP has the fastest growing population of children in the metro area - we should have a range of quality sporting facilities for these kids. Vic Park Raiders AFL footy club (at Higgins Park) has the biggest Auskick participation in the Perth Demons District which is great. The Tennis Club next door however has a pitiful number of children playing tennis there - kids that live within a few hundred metres are playing at clubs in South Perth, Canning and Belmont. The Tennis Club seem to have a good following for adult social but not much for the kids - coaching is available but no real interest or participation from a club level. Why doesn't the Town combine the footy club rooms and tired, dilapidated tennis club rooms and create a fabulous combined facility like the one happening at Manning? The cricket club, footy club, tennis club and bowls club could all be co-located and have an incredible combined facility to support the kids of the town.
  • soozeee over 3 years ago
    Only support to sporting clubs that are not for profit. The Town should not be investing in any way to a for profit organisation like the West Coast Eagles. The West Coast Eagles will allow the community access to the second oval for 100 daylight hours a month. So when the $10 million state government funding over 4 years comes through if the Town hands even one dollar towards this it will be not for the residents but for a for profit corporate body.
  • owneroperator over 3 years ago
    I think the town does an OK job. There is obviously only so much money to go around. It seems some clubs do better than others, but I'm not sure if it's out of their own pockets or otherwise. For instance, the bowls club has a fantastic set up with bar and function area etc (allowing for revenue streams) where as some other clubs don't even have hot water in the change rooms available (Fraser Park). Where is the equality?