What is Edward Millen Site?

    Edward Millen Site is made up of the Rotunda Hospital (now known as Edward Millen House), the Mildred Creak Buildings and the surrounding parkland. When we think and talk about the future of the site, we have to think about all of these elements.

    Who is Edward Millen?

    Edward Davis Millen (1860 - 1923) was Australia's first Minister for Repatriation, commencing his term in 1917. Millen experienced fierce criticism from both the press and Parliament during his time as Minister for Repatriation, but he is remembered as an important figure in Australia's war effort and subsequent recovery. He has been described as the "most significant" contributor to the development of repatriation in Australia, which he largely defined as the very first minister of its kind.

    How does the Edward Millen site fit into the bigger picture?

    The Edward Millen Site Project is identified by the Town's Strategic Community Plan for 2013-2028. This plan states that the project shall investigate "preservation and redevelopment planning and consideration of future uses of the site". The Strategic Community Plan can be found in the Documents section of this site or on the Town's website at www.vicpk.co/scp2013*

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    What is the purpose of this website?

    This website provides you with direct access to project news and updates so that you can stay up to date with progress on future planning for Edward Millen House. It also gives you a chance to register your interest in any opportunities for public participation which will come up in the future. 

    Why ask the community?

    The people who make up the community (you!) are the experts in their own needs and wants. The Town knows that public participation in which the community and stakeholders can have meaningful input results in better decisions and outcomes. The Town is committed to good public participation and follows the Code of Ethics and Core Values of the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2). We all know that for the Edward Millen project to be a success we need to make sure that we understand what it is that the community wants for this site.

    What exactly can I be involved in?

    At this point, the Town is working on the legal framework that places limitations on what we can use the site for. We are trying to expand the possible uses we can consider for the site to give us the freedom to test all possible ideas. Once this is done, we will be coming to you (the community) to ask you about your needs and wants. We are currently taking registrations for future opportunities for involvement and have set up some quick idea and story sharing forums to begin finding out what Edward Millen means to our community. Feel free to take a look at those until more opportunities for participation arise.

    When does the public participation begin?

    Right now the Town is making sure that all the background administrative work is taken care of. This means that when public participation begins your input will be meaningful, and we will have a clear idea of what the community can influence. Don't forget to fill out the survey to tell us how involved you want to be when the participation begins.

    But I already have so many ideas to share with you!

    We know that when an idea strikes, you need to note it down before it slips away. So we have created a few interactive boards for you to start recording, discussing and sharing these ideas with the rest of the community. We will use these ideas during the public participation process at a later date.Just remember, everything begins with an idea. So don't be scared to share yours.