How did the project come about?

    In preparing for a future adaptive reuse of Edward Millen House it became apparent that a broad scale vision and plan was required to clarify the communities desired future for the precinct and direct the Town in its delivery of park upgrades. 

    Is Edward Millen House part of the master plan?

    Upgrades to the buildings on site will not be proposed in the master plan however the plan will account for the re-purposed buildings and preservation of the heritage of the precinct. The potential opportunities for a strong relationship between the re-purposed built form and the landscape will be explored. 

    Can the community have access to view Edward Millen House?

    Due to safety concerns Edward Millen House is currently not accessible to the general public and not available for hire.

    How is this project being funded?

    The project is being funded by the Town. Implementation strategies and funding opportunities will be explored both during and following the master plan process to determine the most effect means of delivering the proposed upgrades.

    How will the park engagement assist and inform the adaptive reuse of the Edward Millen House and surrounding buildings.

    The Edward Millen Park master plan will determine the surrounds of the Edward Millen House thereby shaping the experience of visiting the site. An aim of the project is enable relationships between the functions of the buildings and the functions of the park.  

    Will previous community engagement results be used as part of this project?

    Yes, previous engagement results have been collated and issued to the design team for inclusion in the process.

    What are the requirements to be part of the Design Reference Group?

    The only prerequisite is the ability to attend all three workshop sessions. Applicants will be reviewed to ensure a broad cross section of interested community members and stakeholders comprise the group. The maximum group size is 25 members.  

    I would like to be part of the Design Reference Group, but I cant attend all workshops. Can I still apply?

    No, the workshops will guide participants through a design process. It is therefore important the reference group participants attend all three workshops so the full process is experienced by each contributor.  

    Will there be more lighting in the park?

    Whilst the proposals for park upgrades will be determined through a design process based upon community input, the improvement of safety in the park will be a priority.  

    What was the community engagement process to assist in the development of the master plan?

    Throughout the process the Town had a focus on engaging with the community to uncover needs and wants for the Edward Millen park. The engagement process included:

    • Public Life study – On site for 2 hours every day for a week
    • Pop-Up Event - A Saturday morning session at the park
    • Digital engagement - Your Thoughts online engagement and survey
    • Design Reference Group - The project team engaged over three dedicated evening sessions with a self nominated reference group
    • Public comment - Broad consultation on the final draft in the form of submissions

    Will there be further opportunities to provide comment on the final draft?

    The final stage of community consultation is the public comment period of the draft master plan.