What is economic development?

    Economic development (in the context of Local Government) involves the proactive investment of funding and resources to create robust, sustainable and prosperous local economies. Economic development initiatives are wide ranging and vary in scale. They can include direct support and training for local business through to the major physical improvements needed in places to make them more attractive places for commercial exchange. 

    What is an Economic Development Strategy?

    An Economic Development Strategy sets out an economic development game plan for the Town of Victoria Park. The Economic Development Strategy: Pathways to Growth 2018 - 2023 brings together bold thinking supported by evidence-based plans with a series of quick wins, short term actions and medium to long-term strategies that provide a blueprint to guide our partners and stakeholders

    How was the draft Economic Development Strategy developed?

    The Strategy has been developed in conjunction with the Town’s Economic Development Committee and informed through valuable contributions from local businesses.

    Who is responsible for carrying out the actions in the strategy?

    The Economic Development Committee and the Town's Place Planning team are responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Economic Development Strategy. The implementation of the strategy will occur across a range of projects that will involve multiple stakeholders both within and outside administration.

    How often will the strategy be reviewed?

    Actions within the Economic Development Strategy are either stand-alone projects or actions to be incorporated through other projects planned or underway at the Town. 

    The Town’s Place Planning area is responsible for ensuring the Economic Development Strategy and its seven pathways for growth are embedded and adhered to throughout the Town’s

    Progress reporting to Council will occur on an annual basis via the Annual Report. The Economic Development Strategy is a living document and will be subject to an annual review that will include:
          -  The Town’s local economy and any new relevant mega and micro trends that are or could affect prosperity.
          -  Any new regulatory improvements that should be an area of focus for the Town.
          -  Internal consultation.
          -  Changes to the direction of the organisation via the Strategic Community plan or Corporate Business Plan.

    I'd prefer not to provide feedback online. Can I give feedback another way?

    There are a number of ways you can be involved or find out more information.

    • Complete a hard copy submission form available at the library and administration building.
    • Contact the Place Planning team on 08 9311 8111
    • Email admin@vicpark.wa.gov.au