What was the outcome of the legal advice sought on the Lathlain Park Management Plan?

    Legal advice was sought by the Town in respect to the lease permitted use provisions.  

    The legal advice provided was that the playing of competitive football matches on the MRP football oval/s is not specified as a Permitted Purpose under the lease.

    What is the current terms for matches held at Lathlain Park

    Lathlain Park land is reserved under the MRS as a 'Parks and Recreation Reserve - Restricted Public Access'. Due to this reservation, the WAPC have planning responsibility for the land, including their prior involvement in the following planning matters:

    a. WAPC approval of 15 August 2016 for forward works being modifications to existing oval, new oval and removal of vegetation.

    b. JDAP approval of 16 December 2016 for construction of a new administration, community and training facility for the West Coast Eagles; and

    c. WAPC approval of July 2017 for the Lathlain Park Management Plan.

    In relation to the abovementioned planning related approvals, neither of the above development approvals include conditions expressly prohibiting the playing of games. The Lathlain Park Management Plan did not contemplate the playing of matches by WCE at Lathlain Park.

    Will this require an amendment in the Management Plan

    If this development application was to be approved, an amendment to the Lathlain Park Management Plan will not be required. 

    What is the role of the Town of Victoria Park

    The Town's role in the development application is to assess the application, undertake community consultation and to present a submission report including a recommendation at an Ordinary Council Meeting and Western Australia Planning Commission.

    Who will determine the outcome of the development application?

    The decision-maker for this development application is the Western Australian Planning Commission.

    How can I provide comment on the development application?

    Any comments you wish to make on the proposal are to be submitted by close of business 9 October 2020, by one of the following:

    • Online, using the submission form below
    • By email: admin@vicpark.wa.gov.au, quoting reference number DA5.2020.432.1
    • By letter: Town of Victoria Park, Locked Bag No. 437, Victoria Park WA 6979, quoting reference number DA5.2020.432.1