What is (and isn’t) the Community Sounding Board

    The Sounding Board is a group of people who have opted to receive tailored community engagement communications from the Town by becoming platinum subscribers to Your Thoughts.

    It is not a committee or panel and members have no official role, but they will be notified of the opportunity to have a say and receive priority invitations to provide feedback on upcoming consultations.

    Why has the Town of Vic Park created the Community Sounding Board?

    Our aim is to become the most empowered and engaged community in Perth by making sure the true voice of the people is heard.

    The sounding board will help us achieve this by providing more tailored and relevant communications to interested community members.

    It will also help us better understand the demographics of our community (we’re very diverse) to provide more balanced and representative decision making. 

    Do I have to live or work in Vic Park to subscribe?

    The sounding board subscription is open to owners or occupiers of property in the Town. 

    What are the benefits of becoming a Your Thoughts Platinum subscriber and joining?

    People who subscribe as platinum members will receive tailored information on consultations happening in Victoria Park based on the information they provide.

    Selected people will receive invitations to be part of community reference groups, panels or other working groups to have an even greater say on things affecting you the most.

    I’m already a subscriber to Your Thoughts – how do I upgrade to platinum?

    It’s simple. Just complete the registration form on the main page. 

    There is no obligation to upgrade but if you are a resident or ratepayer, we encourage people to do so

    Why do I need to give my personal information?

    The collection of personal information like where you live, your gender, your age and the particular interests will help us provide more personalised communications relevant to what is important to you.

    With Vic Park having such a diverse community, it will also enable us to balance the feedback we receive to be more representative of the entire community. We want to make sure we’re hearing the ‘true voice’ of Vic Park.

    Is my personal information safe?

    Yes. Your personal information will never be shared with any third party and individual names and other personal information will never be used on public documents (like council agendas etc). 

    Can I unsubscribe?

    Yes.  At any time you may cancel your subscription and we’ll stop sending emails.