What is the Towns engagement journey?

    1999 - Adopted GEN 3 Community Consultation policy

    Public notice legislation

    2012 - Adopts GEN 6 Community ‘Engagement’ policy
    For decision making purposes

    2014 - Town Centre public meeting
    Catalyst for change in the way we operate in this space

    2014 - Review GEN 6 renamed ‘Public Participation’ policy
    Adopting the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) guiding principles and best practice methods

    2014 - Iap2 engagement training
    Delivered to all staff across the organisation

    2016 - Review of GEN 3 & GEN 6 Policies
    Minor review with minimal changes made to the policy

    2016 - Adoption of LPP37 Community Consultation on Planning Proposals
    Specific policy on public comment and advertising for planning proposals 

    2016 - Evolve project to develop our Strategic Community Plan

    Our biggest engagement exercise. Evolve was a nine month process with over 1,000 participant hours. Feedback received helped build our Strategic Community Plan

    2016 - Your Thoughts community engagement software 
    Software was launched to assist in the Evolve project. 

    2017 - Trial Community Engagement Advisor

    Our vision is to become Perth's most empowered and engaged community. To assist to achieve this, a new function was trialled

    2018 - Dedicated permanent position Community Engagement Advisor
    Embedding best practice through the organisation

    2018 - Development applications moved to Your Thoughts

    The Town's online consultation hub, Your Thoughts, has expanded to host formal submissions  to ensure consistency and ease for our community to connect with the town and provide feedback on a range of issues and projects of interest 

    2018 - Amendment of LPP37 - Community Consultation on Planning Proposals
    Community consultation public comment period. Minor amendment to the policy

    2019 - Public Participation Policy review
    More strategic and meaningful (targeted). 

    Who has been asked to provide comment on the proposed drafts?

    Staff, Elected Members and the new Community Sounding Board.