Where is Burswood Station East?

    Burswood Station East is the area bounded by Graham Farmer Freeway to the east, Great Eastern Highway to the south, and the Armadale/Thornlie train line to the west.

    What is the difference between a Scheme Amendment and Local Planning Policy?

    The Town's Local Planning Scheme is a "rule book" for local development matters within the local government area. The Local Planning Scheme includes a series of "precinct plans" which provide unique objectives and basic standards for different neighbourhoods within the Town of Victoria Park, including the BSE Precinct. A Scheme Amendment is a formal modification to the Local Planning Scheme.  

    A Local Planning Policy is a guiding document that augments the "rule book" in the Local Planning Scheme. It provides additional detail on local development matters and assists landowners, developers and the Council to make decisions that will achieve desired planning and development outcomes. 

    The WA Planning Commission's Introduction to the Western Australian Planning System provides a more detailed overview of these planning tools and the WA planning system. 

    What is the public realm?

    The public realm is the space that surrounds private land and private buildings. It is vital for defining and connecting a neighbourhood and always accessible to everybody. The design concepts consider two key aspects of the public realm in Burswood Station East - local streets and public open space.

    What is a Street Interface Typology?

    Different streets within a neighbourhood have different functions and different characters. In the BSE Precinct, four categorised of street have been identified for further investigation through the design process. These categories are referred to as "Street Interface Typologies". The proposed layout of the Street Interface Typologies can be found in the Document Library.

    What did the Town do with my feedback on the Public Realm Concept Designs in 2019?

    The Town received 9 submissions from the community on the Public Realm Concept Designs. The submissions were overwhelmingly positive, recommending changes to several details such as using more native tree species and replacing the ping pong tables with more seating areas. Feedback was provided to the consultant landscape architect and the design concepts revised in response. 

    What is the purpose of the design concepts?

    The Town has identified four proposed Street Interface Typologies, explained in the FAQ above. For each Street Interface Typology, an indicative street plan and street cross-section has been prepared. These drawings demonstrate a general concept for the potential character and layout of each Street Interface Typology. The drawings are not exact plans for individual roads within the BSE Precinct at this stage, only ideas to be explored and refined.

    What will the Town do with my feedback?

    The Town and consultants will use your feedback to refine the design concepts into a consolidated draft plan. We want to know what you like, what you don't like, and anything else you think the Town should consider in refining the design concepts into a consolidated draft plan.

    When will works start to improve public places in the area?

    The Town is currently working on implementation planning for improvements to public spaces in BSE. The staging of these works will be influenced by factors such as available funding, when individual landowners choose to develop, future laneway access arrangements, and the Public Transport Authority's plans around Burswood Station. The current consultation process gives the community the opportunity to comment on the draft planning framework and the ultimate approach for implementation planning will need to respond to feedback received and the final version of the planning framework documents. 

    The draft planning framework and implementation planning process do not affect any regular planned works or maintenance in the area.

    Why doesn't the draft planning framework include the land around Burswood Station?

    The Burswood Station and land immediately surround the train line is reserved under the Metropolitan Region Scheme and managed by the Public Transport Authority. It is beyond the scope of the Town of Victoria Park's local planning authority to introduce planning controls for this land.

    What is a 'development incentive for community benefit'?

    Development incentives for community benefit is a concept introduced in the state planning framework's SPP7.3 R-Codes Volume 2

    Where a development can demonstrate exceptional design and positive impact on the surrounding community, it may be possible for that development to achieve additional bonus building height or plot ratio, above the general requirement. 

    Building height is the number of storeys above ground level.

    Plot ratio is the ratio of a building’s floor area (over all storeys) to the site or lot area. If a development has a plot ratio of 1.0, it means that the floor area is equal to the site area.

    How are the design concepts related to the new planning framework for Burswood Station East?

    Too often land use planning focuses only on buildings and what happens on private land. Great neighbourhoods, however, are a combination of private buildings and the public places that surround them. The findings from previous engagement exercises in Burswood Station East indicate that there is community interest in upgrading these public places as part of the overall picture for Burswood Station East. In response, the Town is exploring ideas for improvements to public places as part of the broader planning framework development so that a cohesive, community-friendly approach to development in Burswood Station East is achieved.

    How do I make a submission by post or email?

    Written submissions can be posted to Locked Bag 437, Victoria Park WA 6979, or emailed to admin@vicpark.wa.gov.au