What is a Local Structure Plan?

    Structure plans are a planning document which guides future land use and urban layouts for identified development areas. A structure plan includes details such as road configuration details, lot layouts and the location of retail and community facilities such as shops, schools and public open space. A structure plan can also show details such as housing density, land use classifications and buffer zones. A structure plan can be prepared for a variety of planning purposes, but generally it is done to indicate the way in which an area is proposed for development as well as providing a broad framework to guide Council when it considers subdivision and development proposals.

    What is a Local Development Plan?

    Local development plans (formerly detailed area plans) are used to guide and coordinate the design and development of small and constrained lots, as well as supplementing development standards contained in the local planning scheme and the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes).

    What are the objectives for Precinct A?

    The Belmont Park Racecourse Local Structure Plan lists the following objectives for Precinct A:

    • Retain and enhance vegetation and fauna habitat with an access controlled area.
    • Manage recreation opportunities and maximum retention of vegetation.
    • Provide for open space for passive and active recreation and revegetation of fringing vegetation.
    • Create functioning and useable open spaces for the enjoyment of the entire community and local residents.
    • Provide for public access through a series of boardwalks.
    • Allow for passive recreation activities such as canoeing or kayaking along the foreshore.
    • Establish a maximum of two activity nodes, comprising boatsheds, swimming beaches and facilities for local residents, to limit areas of public activity within the Precinct and protect river habitat.
    • Establish opportunities for recreational fishing in harmony with the natural riverine habitat.
    • Acknowledge and celebrate the Indigenous connection to the Swan River.

    How many new homes are proposed?

    Approximately 1344 dwellings are planned for Precinct A.  90 townhouses are proposed to be developed in the 'North Park' section of the site. 219 townhouses and 375 apartment units are proposed to be developed in the 'West Park' section of the site. Further information is available in section 1.2.1 of the proposed plan, and Figure 3 Residential Interface Typologies identifies the North Park and West Park sections of the site.  

    What are the proposed building heights?

    The plan proposed two-three storey townhouses and apartment blocks up a maximum height of 19-storeys.  Further information is available in clause 7.1.3 of the plan.  Figure 4 Building Height Plan shows the distribution of the building heights across the site, with apartment blocks to be located abutting the racecourse. 

    How much new public open space is proposed?

    The plan proposes 99,450sqm of new public open space, comprising 90,121sqm within the Swan River foreshore reserve and 9,329sqm within the development area.  Further information is available in clause 9.2 of the plan. Figure 12 Landscape Master Plan illustrates the composition of the open space areas, Figure 14 Indicative Public Open Space Distribution demonstrates to proposed general location and Figure 15 Public Open Space Form and Function illustrates the proposed activation strategy for the open pace areas. 

    What community facilities are proposed?

    The public open space areas will be accessible to all members of the public. The plan proposes the provision of public facilities such as a canoe launching beach and bbq and picnic facilities.  Figure 15 Public Open Space Form and Function of the plan illustrates the public activation strategy for the open space areas.